5 Unique Items You Can Get At The RoseBowl Flea Market

The Rose Bowl Flea Market is like a magical dimension that only opens up the second Sunday of every month. It’s a dimension made of vintage dreams. Here you’ll loose yourself among tents and tents of unique items such as retro furniture, vintage clothes, plants, Indian carpets, handmade candles and basically handmade everything. The Rose Bowl Flea Market is so huge, that one single day is really not enough. Known as the mother of all flea markets in Los Angeles, this place is a magical land full of things you won’t get anywhere else and at a price that will blow your mind. If you’ve never been but would like to know what kind of stuff you can purchase, here are 5 unique items you can get at the one-and-only Rose Bowl Flea Market in Pasadena.

1. Rattan Throne

Rattan is taking the home décor world by storm these days, and at this market you’ll be able to get the most amazing and unique rattan chair designs ever. Many sellers offer different rattan items, but chairs and stools are among the most popular furniture items. The amazing thing about chairs like these is that you won’t see them anywhere else, guaranteeing that if you purchase them at the Rose Bowl Flea Market your house will not only look like a Pinterest board, but it will also have a unique staple everyone else will envy. 

*5 Unique Items You Can Get At The RoseBowl Flea Market

2. Colorful Metal & Iron Sculptures

Although destined for a very particular decoration style or need, you’ll most likely fall in love with these funky and original metal designs. Only a few vendors sell these, and you most probably won’t see them anywhere else. You could find metal and iron sculptures if you roadtrip deep down into Nevada or Arizona, they’re a classic over there. But, if you’d rather just drive 20 minutes to get them, the Rose Bowl might just be the perfect chance to get unique items like these.

*5 Unique Items You Can Get At The RoseBowl Flea Market

3. Handmade Picnic Baskets

You’ve probably already heard of the old-school picnic basket, but you most likely won’t find any picnic basket as cute, artisanal and as affordable as the ones offered at the Rose Bowl. Only sold at one single location in the entire flea market, these beautifully handmade picnic baskets are definitely one of the most unique items in the entire place. They come in different styles, materials and sizes, and they’re fully equipped with utensil, dishes, cups and napkins for a day at the park and a perfect picnic with your friends. We’ll guarantee you’ll be the coolest, trendiest and most organized picnic person ever.

*5 Unique Items You Can Get At The RoseBowl Flea Market

4. Head Planters

We’ve seen white modern planters, ceramic planters, woven planters, hanging planters and many more, but we’ve certainly never seen any head planters like these. Only sold here, these head planters are equally cool as a bit creepy. However, they are a perfect match for your all-time favorite succulent. Sold without the plants but quite easy to fill,  you can buy one of these and give your house an unconventional accent one has ever seen.  

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*5 Unique Items You Can Get At The RoseBowl Flea Market

5. Vintage Toy Cars

In every direction you turn, you will certainly spot a beautiful and rusty vintage toy car. The Rose Bowl Flea Market is a hub for this beloved décor item, and the catch is that these are not your typical miniature tin cars designed to put in a shelf, but instead these are actual vintage cars that were once designed for toddlers to play with. Toddler sized and very beaten down, these precious gems are destined to become a highly-coveted item. Since most vendors have one of these in their rustic pile of vintage items, it’s recommended that you give the entire market a walk before deciding upon one, since the variety in style and price is huge.

*5 Unique Items You Can Get At The RoseBowl Flea Market

Now that you know, you can’t miss the next Rose Bowl Flea Market. It’s just too good to let it go. Make sure you plan accordingly and write this one down in your calendar because the date of opening is so random, that you’ll most probably forget. Either if you’re a vintage clothing fanatic, a plant addict or a rug collector, this flea market is definitely the place for you. You can’t miss this opportunity, especially when a unique dimension like this one only opens up once a month.

The Rose Bowl Flea Market is located inside the Rose Bowl Stadium property in the city of Pasadena. The address is 1001 Rose Bowl Dr, Pasadena, CA 91103.

Featured Image Source: Donatela Vacca
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