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30 Unique Gifts For Your Brother All Under $30

30 Unique Gifts For Your Brother All Under $30

If you're looking for gifts for your brother, check out these unique gifts for brothers that your brother will love! These brother gifts are the best ideas!

Searching for gifts for your brother? Well, let’s face it, we know you don’t have all the money in the world to drop on a gift for your bro. But you do need to get him something! Here are some cheap and unique gifts for your brother this holiday season… ALL UNDER $30.

1. Whiskey Sipping Stones

These stones are the perfect replacement for ice cubes because they won’t water down his whiskey and they look super cool, too.



2. A Breakfast Sandwich Maker

For some reason, all brothers have a knack for being lazy. Give into their laziness (and probably horrible cooking skills) and hook them up with a breakfast sandwich maker that does all the hard work for you.


3. A Grilled Cheese Maker

While we are along the lines of food, I’m sure your brother likes grilled cheeses. Get him this grilled cheese maker which requires minimal effort. Just remember the bread, butter and cheese.


4. The Shot Flask

This flask has a built-in shot glass… I think that’s all that needs to be said about that.

5. Beer Sampling Kit

For your indecisive brother who loves beer, but doesn’t know what kind… or loves it so much he wants four kinds at once.


6. Beer Opening Glass

This pint glass is equipped with two bottle openers, for pop-top and screw-top lids. How could you go wrong?

7. All About Beer Card Deck

Your brother can play his favorite card games with his friends, all while learning random facts about his favorite hoppy drink.


8. A Coffee Mug

Get him a coffee mug I’m sure he will appreciate. Brothers…



9. Ticket Stub Organizer

A great brother gift for your sib who loves going to shows. Help him collect all his memories in an organized, cool way.

10. Scratch World Map

If your brother is a world traveler, give him this map so he can visualize all his trips in one place. He can scratch off everywhere he’s been so he knows where he has to go next! One of the coolest gifts for your brother if he’s a traveler!


11. Compact Utensils

Because honestly. what guy isn’t constantly eating? At least now he can always be prepared with a fork in his pocket…


12. Funny Shot Glasses

This set of two shot glasses will help your brother understand his thought process while taking a shot, which we all know is such a pleasant experience!

13. Animal Hand Tattoos

This stupid gift is totally perfect to annoy someone, whether it be you annoying your brother or you and your brother teaming up to annoy your parents.


14. Cards Against Humanity

If your brother doesn’t already have this game, you need to get it for him immediately. He’ll be sure to die of laughter while playing this vulgar Apples to Apples with his main crew. Definitely one of the funniest gifts for your brother that he’ll love!


15. Personalized Cufflinks

Help your brother hate getting dressed up a little less by giving him a nice pair of cufflinks. This pair, for example, can be personalized with his initial and are 18K white-gold plated. Fancy shmancy.

16. Charging Station / Organizer

Get your unorganized brother a charging station that will create a place for all of his gadgets to power up together. This station will also hide and organize all the cords, so there won’t be a knot of wires exploding all over the place.


17. Picture Frame

If you and your brother are close, put a nice picture of the two of you in a special frame. A sentimental brother gift is great if you have a friendly relationship!

18. T-Shirt

If you want to make fun of your brother while secretly saying you love him a little, get him a shirt like this.


19. Food Socks

Guys love food and guys love socks. So what guy wouldn’t love food socks?


20. His Fave Liquor

If your brother is of age, a go-to (and tasty) gift is always a bottle of his favorite liquor.

21. Sports Gear

Whether it’s a hat or a jersey, anything your brother can wear to rep his favorite team is a great gift option.

22. Money Clip

Get your brother a personalized money clip so he can think of you every time he reads your special message and breaks the bank.

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23. Funny Mug

There are a lot of funny coffee mugs to choose from, so pick wisely! Choose what you think would make your brother laugh the most in the mornings or during those all-nighters.


24. Wallet/Keychain Set

This set gives your brother not only a new wallet, but also a keychain to match! He’ll be trendy in leather and, of course, fashionable.


25. Card Bottle Opener

This bottle opener is slim and small like a credit card, so your brother can easily tuck it away in his new wallet.

26. Food Gift Card

Who the hell would ever complain about free food?


27. Sneakers

There are a lot of sneaker-heads out there, so if your brother is one of them, he’ll certainly be happy with a new pair of sneaks.


28. Decorative Print

One of the classiest gifts for brothers on the list!

29. Poster

….Or something a little more casual.


And finally…

30. Offer to do some of his chores or whatever he wants, really.

This gift will honestly be a hit, because who doesn’t want a way to get out of cleaning and doing laundry? This is a great brother gift for siblings who are super low on cash but still want to give something during the holidays. Get to work!


Do you have any other ideas for budget-friendly gifts for brothers? Share below!



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