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7 Unique Gift Ideas For Your Friends

7 Unique Gift Ideas For Your Friends

7 Unique Gift Ideas For Your Friends

It can be hard to come up with unique gift ideas for your friends, and nobody wants to give a plain, unimaginative gift. Here’s 7 unique gift ideas that will be sure to show that you care and that you put a lot of thought into it, even if all you did was take suggestions from this article.

1. Buzzed Card Game

This is most definitely not your typical card game. This really is the gift that keeps on giving, and your friends can be sure to enjoy this for plenty of nights out (or rowdy nights in) to come. This is one of the best unique gift ideas for your friends because it’s something they’ll be sure to enjoy and that all of you can make use of together. If your friends are fun-loving and always looking for new ways to spice up a night out, then this might just be the perfect gift for them.


2. Colour-Changing Bob Ross Mug

Let’s be honest, everyone loves Bob Ross. This is one of the perfect unique gift ideas for your friends if you’re looking for a little something just to say “thank you”, or to brighten up their day. It’s cheap and it’s sure to make them smile, because who doesn’t want a colour-changing painting with Bob Ross mug? And even if they don’t like it, you get a new mug out of it, because “We don’t make mistakes, just happy little accidents”.

3. Flic Wireless Smart Button

Not only is this one of the most unique gift ideas I’ve stumbled upon, it’s probably one of the best (and most useful) inventions I’ve come across in a while. You can get a single button or a set of three, and these buttons can be programmed to do just about anything you can imagine. The little button can find your phone, order a pizza, turn off the lights, water the lawn, and so much more. This really is one of the most practical gifts out there, and your friends will be sure to love you for it.


4. A Customized Pet Blanket

We all have a friend who is obsessed with their pet, whatever animal it may be. What better way to make them smile than to order them a nice, cozy blanket with a giant portrait of their pet on it? I guarantee that they will be showing this blanket off to everyone who comes over because they will love it so much. If you’re looking for unique gift ideas that are both thoughtful and convenient, this is a fantastic idea.


5. Scratch Map

Do you have a friend who loves to travel? Then this is the perfect gift. This map allows you to scratch off all of the places you’ve been to across the world. It also has the added bonus of being remarkably aesthetically pleasing so they’ll be more than keen to hang this up in their home. This is the perfect way to keep track of all the places you’ve been in unique and cool manner, so don’t miss out on your chance to get this.

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6. A Waterproof Speaker

This is a classic example of a gift that everyone wants, but nobody will buy for themselves. A waterproof speaker is the ultimate gift, really. It can be used in the shower, by the pool, at the beach, the possibilities are really endless. Your friends will definitely love you a whole lot more when they open this gift because it’s something they will definitely be making use of most days. Its battery lasts for 6 hours, and you can even take a phone call on it if need be. What could be better?

7. Beeropoly

Monopoly can get very boring pretty quickly. However, Beeropoly is the alternative that you definitely won’t get bored of anytime soon. Games are the perfect unique gift ideas because they’re plenty of fun for all of you (even the gift-giver) and your friend will be sure to get some good laughs and great memories out of it.


Do you have any other must-buy gift ideas for friends? Comment them down below!

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