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10 Unique First Date Ideas That Don’t Include Eating Out

10 Unique First Date Ideas That Don’t Include Eating Out

Dating looks a bit different than it did a few decades ago. It involves a lot of swiping, liking, and snapping. First dates can be nerve-wrecking but they should also be exciting! Though a nice restaurant and a movie are always a safe classic to consider when thinking about what to do on a first date, those aren’t the only options! If you are feeling creative and ready to get outside the box here are 10 first date ideas that will guarantee you and your partner a fun time!

1. Museum 

There are tons of different museums out there! Pick what you and your partner would both enjoy visiting and be prepared to get to know each other much better than you would over a boring meal. Museums are are great first date idea because they encourage profound, easily-flowing conversation which lead to laughter and learning more about your partner’s perspective. They’re also a great place where you can show off your knowledge and impress your date *wink*. 

2. Concert 

Can you think of anything that is more romantic than singing your heart out on a date? Me neither. At a concert you and your partner will be able to get loose, feel the music, and bond over this amazing experience. The tension and anxiety will be washed away by excitement and adrenaline.  You can also show off your mad dancing skills! This will definitely be a date neither of you will ever forget. 


3. Wine tasting

Maybe I’m biased but I believe that wineries are romantic as heck. You don’t even have to know anything about wine to enjoy wine tasting on a pretty vineyard farm. Grab a picnic blanket, cut some fruit, cheese, and enjoy your afternoon tasting wine and relaxing on the grass. This atmosphere will give you two a quiet, peaceful setting to get to know each other better. Plus your date will get to learn about your favorite kind of wine which he can surprise you with next time! 

4. Karaoke 

Do you remember Gabriella and Troy from High School Musical? Their romance started when they sang karaoke together if you recall *hint*. Karaoke is a fun first date idea because it will give you a chance to be more comfortable with your date and share a good laugh together. Whether you can sing like Beyoncé or not it can be fun and enjoyable either way! Plus you two can sing a cute duet (like Gabriella and Troy!) and feel the chemistry grow. Whether this first date will lead to a second one or not, you two definitely won’t forget this fun memory!


5. Arcade

If you and your date are feeling playful and competitive then don’t hesitate to hit up an arcade! It is a perfect date idea that will get you two working as a team and even against each other. You will get to see how competitive your partner is and how good they work in a team. It will also give you a chance to be goofy with each other and relax. It will also give you a few perfect opportunities to flirt such as asking for their help when playing a gun game or shooting a mini basketball. Plus you can even walk away with a prize which will be a sweet, long-lasting memory!

6. Hiking

Hiking is the perfect first date idea if you’re feeling outdoorsy and adventurous! It’s also a very cheap one (or free even). What makes hiking such a good first date idea is that it will give you two a chance to discover new places, enjoy beautiful scenery, and get some one on one time. It’s also perfect conversation wise because you won’t feel a constant pressure of looking for a new subject to talk about. You can enjoy a comfortable silence while taking in the view. 


7. Trampoline park

Embrace your inner child with a trip to a trampoline park! What’s more fun than showing off a cool flip on your first date?!  This date will loosen you up and give you two something to laugh about. It will also take the pressure off of conversation topic ideas and will give you an opportunity to enjoy each other’s company without talking. Plus you’ll be able to impress them with your cool tricks!

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8. Berry/fruit picking

This date is perfect because it changes with seasons! Go to a fruit farm and work together to pick out the best and sweetest berries/fruit. This will give you something to do while getting to know each other which can help making your conversation flow easier. Grab a blanket so that afterwards you can enjoy a romantic picnic with the berries/fruit you picked!

9. Bowling alley

A bowling date is truly a classic. Enjoy a greasy pizza and play some bowling! This date will show you their competitive side and whether they are the kind to let you win or not. It will also give you a perfect opportunity to flirt by asking your date to show you a proper way to bowl *wink*.  This kind of date will also create a relaxed, casual setting in which you’ll be able to truly loosen up and enjoy your time together. 


10. Roller rink

Travel back in time and go to a roller rink! Dress up in fun neons or white out for extra fun. Roller skating is perfect if you are looking for an amusing, laid back date. You can show off your derby skills and even hold hands while skating! This date will leave you two laughing and smiling the whole night. 

Though first dates can be stressful they should also be fun. First dates don’t have to be boring and uncomfortable, they are what you make of them! Remember to rock your most comfortable outfit and a smile. I hope this article helped you find some unique first date ideas that you would like to try out. Which idea is your favorite? Comment below and share with your crush!