10 Unique Disney Decor Looks That Will Make Your Home Magical

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Being in love with Disney doesn’t have to always mean you have to travel to Disneyland. Satisfy a Disney craving by creating the perfect Disney escape at home. Add a magical touch to a new apartment or home by decorating with cute Disney décor that is too magical for words. Here are 10 unique Disney décor looks that will make your home look magical.

1. Create Disney Wall Art

Turn a plain white wall into a Disney mural that will brighten the room immediately. Be creative, with a bit of pixie dust. Any Disney movie would be perfect on a wall mural. Such as Peter Pan flying to Neverland, Simba on Pride Rock, or even the boat scene with Rapunzel and Flynn from the movie Tangled.

2. Welcome Guest With A Creative Mat

‘Pull the lever Kronk,’ how cute and unique is this Emperor’s New Groove mat? This piece of Disney décor welcomes guests into a Disney home with love. Guest will get excited to know what Disney décor you have in your house.


3. Collect The Beauty And The Beast Set

Add Chip to your Disney décor collection. This small detail will give your home a Disney vibe that will come alive no matter what room you’re in. Don’t forget to collect Chip’s mom, Mrs. Potts. These two items need to stick together as they are in the Disney movie Beauty and the Beast.

4. Place Disney Pillows Around The House

Pillows are an easy way to change up the theme. For the most part, Disney has a variety of pillows to choose from. These pillows aren’t only comfy but create a cozy Disney feel to your house that your friends will love. Don’t be afraid to mix and match. Get a pillow with The Princess and the Frog and another one of Wall-E. Each pillow will tell a unique Disney story.


5. Get Detail-Oriented With Art

Pay attention to details will help make a home or apartment significant to ordinary homes. Small details like the mice from Cinderella carrying the key will have people feeling like they’re in a Disney movie. All that is needed now is a fairy Godmother to grant our wishes.

6. Make Your Outside Garden Magical

Displaying Disney décor among your garden will invite friendly attention to your plants that will brighten anyone’s day. For starters, Mickey and Minnie are as Disney as one could get. But if you want something different from the ordinary Disney couple try hunting for Tinkerbell décor or even Lilo and Stitch.


7. Invite Peter Pan’s Shadow Inside

Peter Pan’s shadow is a movie detail that would be perfect in a little girl’s room. Peter Pan’s shadow is a curious shadow who isn’t afraid to do some snooping around a room. This detail along with a vanity mirror will have a girl feeling like Wendy Darling.

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8. Change Out The Doorknob

Change the door knob of a private room to this cute doorknob from Alice and Wonderland. Your family will get a kick out of this very cute Disney décor. Children who see this doorknob will feel like Alice as they journey to the known.

9. Hang Up Disney Signs

Artwork and Disney signs are a great addition to any home striving for a Disney feel. Each room could showcase a different Disney classic or you can mix and match the artwork throughout the household. Either way works and creates a magical touch to the walls.


10. Sprinkle Pixie Dust Upon Yard Décor

This Tinkerbell lantern is sassy with a mixture of pixie dust that will guide you and your friends and family to Neverland. This Disney décor would be adorable beside a backyard pond or hanging from a tree.

Disney up your house or apartment with these amazing Disney décor collections that are sure to have your house the center of attention. What Disney décor is your favorite item and why? Let us know in the comment section.
Feature image source: www.pinterest.com