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7 Unique Denver Bars You Need To Get A Drink At

7 Unique Denver Bars You Need To Get A Drink At

7 Unique Denver Bars You Need To Get A Drink At

In recent years,  Denver’s bar scene has been hopping. Breweries and Micro pubs aside, here are some truly unique bars in Denver that you definitely need to get a drink at. 

1.)  Peaks Lounge

This unique  Denver bar is located on the 27th floor of the Hyatt Regency Hotel.  Just a few blocks away from the Colorado Convention Center, Denver Center for Performing Arts and the state Capital, this makes a great place to catch a drink before or after a show or possibly end a perfect evening with a majestic view of the mountains as well as the city skyline.  This tops the list of Unique bars in Denver because it offers an unforgettable view, especially at sunset. The offer a full beer and wine list as well as a few small plates.

27, 650 15th street Denver, CO 80202

7 Unique bars in Denver you need to get a drink at

2.) My Brother’s Bar

My Brother’s bar is a Denver heirloom.  Named one of America’s tops bars, it is the oldest bar in Denver.  Having changed owners a few times, it has been in operation for over 100 years.  How did it get it’s current name? The story of the name comes from about 50 years ago, when it was basically a two man operation: two brothers who would split duties, one behind the bar, the other in the kitchen; then they would trade places the next day. When a vendor would come to collect payment, it became a saying:  “Don’t look at me, it’s my brother’s bar”. Great beer, great burgers: a local favorite.

2376 15th Street Denver, Co 80202

7 unique bars in Denver that you need to get a drink at

3.) Forest Room 5

Forest room 5 is a hipster bar that makes this list of Unique Denver bars.  It is located in the Historic Highlands Neighborhood. It offers a cozy interior and a rustic patio outside with tree stumps for plenty of sitting options and a rock pit fire place to enjoy your drinks on those gorgeous crisp fall evenings. Offering a full menu and a great Beer selection this is a great place to stop by if you want to grab a drink or dinner with friends.  Just a few blocks from downtown, it’s a great escape outside of the downtown scene.

2532 15th St, Denver, Co 80211

& unique bars in Denver you must get a drink at

4.) The Green Russell

Located in Historic Larimer Square in Lodo ( Lower Downtown),  The Green Russell offers a prohibition-era style cocktail bar. From it’s  handcrafted cocktails, a selection of beers and spirits and the delight of a 1920’s style atmosphere, it’s a wonderful place to spend a quiet evening while enjoying some fine drinks. .  Check out their website and Calendar for information on live music.

1422 Larimer St. Denver, Co 80202

7 unique bars in Denver you must get a drink at

5.) Mario’s Double Daughter Salotto

This unique Denver bar offers a new kind of charm.  Just a block off of the 16th street mall, this is a hot spot in the Denver Lodo area.  The decor of this place feels a little bit like a Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland. With it’s light up trees crawling out from the walls and unique red booths, it is a vibrant and colorful place to be.  They offer D.J.s most nights of the week and a good variety of drinks including a decent happy hour. It’s mysterious, dark and so unique, sometimes you forget you are in Denver.

1632 Market St. Denver, Co 80202

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7 unique bars in Denver you need to get a drink at

6.) Curio Bar

In the growing Rino ( River North) neighborhood,  Curio Bar is a happy little cocktail bar inside the Denver Central Market.  Offering an extensive cocktail menu as well as wine and a rotating tap menu, it fits right in our list of unique Denver Bars.  Hosted inside the Denver Central Market which shares the space with a few other artisan shops and eateries. You can enjoy your drink at the bar, on the patio to people watch or browse the market as you like.  

2669 Larimer St.  Denver, Co 20205

7 unique bars in Denver you need to get a drink at.

7.) Terminal Bar

One of the up and coming scenes in Denver is right in Lodo is at Union Station.  With it’s complete remodel , making union station one of the hottest hubs in Denver, the Terminal Bar is a scene to be a part of .    While the bar itself is small, the whole terminal of union station is available to customers. Enjoy your drink while you wait for a train, or meeting up with friends.  Shuffleboard and chess is a past time held right there inside the terminal, while Market and food establishments are at your finger tips.  A unique Denver Bar experience to say the least.

1701 Wynkoop st. Denver, Co 80211

7 unique bars in Denver you should try

The City of  Denver is a constant hot spot for night life and culture.  It is constantly growing and changing.  From Lodo to Rino, you can immerse yourself in these unique Denver bars.  From Roof tops to Street side Patios, The Denver Bar scene isn’t holding anything back.

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