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Unique Date Ideas You Should Try This Summer

Unique Date Ideas You Should Try This Summer

Unique Date Ideas You Should Try This Summer

Finding date ideas can be either super simple or very hard for some people. Its easy to do the typical dinner and a movie, but what if you want to spice things up and get to know each other in different scenarios? Here are a few unique date ideas you should try this summer!


Boys usually love anything to do with adrenaline and cars so this is a perfect way to please your man on this fun date! You can get playfully competitive or go go-karting together; this way he can feel super macho man and show off his driving skills! Its a guaranteed successful and fun date that you should totally try this summer with your guy!


This may seem like a typical date, but not a lot of people actually go on picnics! Instead of going out to eat, try to get some stuff from home or you could grocery shop for things you need to make a simple and cute meal together. Summer time is perfect for being outside so find a nice, quiet park or even use your own backyard for this date! It will be great for talking a lot and spending quality time with one another!

Unique Date Ideas You Should Try This Summer

Beer/Wine Tasting

Another thing boys love…alcohol! Going beer or wine tasting is a great summer date option. It is something both of you can enjoy doing (and be more relaxed too)! There are usually a lot of alcohol fests going on in the summer time so there are plenty of opportunities.

Unique Date Ideas You Should Try This Summer

Trampoline Arena

Here’s a fun summer date idea; you both can go on a “play date” to a trampoline arena! Usually for kids, but if you wanna get a little playful with your date it can be a super cute thing to do together. Getting that playfulness on, it can be actually kind of sexy for both of you seeing each other have fun and getting a little touchy!

Horseback Riding

While it may not seem as creative, horseback riding isn’t a very common date idea! Super romantic, it can be very fun if you both are comfortable with horses. If you live on a beach, it can be even more scenic! Just make sure Prince Charming doesn’t fall off…

Unique Date Ideas You Should Try This Summer

Truth or Dare/Would You Rather Games

If you reallyyyy want to get to know one another, a fun and low key date idea can be just staying in and getting to know each other through games! Truth or Dare and Would You Rather are great and funny ways to see what your guy really thinks of situations. It may sound silly, but give it a try! You will be laughing all night long!

Unique Date Ideas You Should Try This Summer

Latin Night

Dancing is a super fun date idea and something that should totally go back in style! Many clubs host things like Latin Night where you are guaranteed lots of good dance music. This is perfect for showing off your moves and getting a little spicy with your man on the dance floor! It can be a good pregame for a sexy night later on!

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Visit An Animal Shelter

Get on your emotional side with a unique date at the animal shelter! What can be more cute and fun than playing with puppies all day long?! You get to see your guy’s soft side and feel good about doing a nice deed for those poor animals…might be tempting to take them home though so be careful!

Unique Date Ideas You Should Try This Summer

Sunrise Meetup

Sunrises are soooo romantic and even though you need to get up kind of early to see them, they can be so romantic as a unique date idea! Decide on a time and place to meet up at and gaze at the sunrise together with your guy looking at those beautiful views!

Unique Date Ideas You Should Try This Summer


Get all cozied up with your date and have a relaxing bonfire and s’mores night! You have a perfect excuse to get super close and cuddle up watching the fire sizzle…and its guaranteed that those wont be the only sparks you will experience that night!

Unique Date Ideas You Should Try This Summer

There are so many unique date ideas to still explore! Instead of doing the typical stuff, try something new and exciting to get the relationship going and have fun doing it! What are some unique date ideas that you recommend?