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10 Unique Bread Recipes To Share With Each Slice

10 Unique Bread Recipes To Share With Each Slice

When you think of unique bread recipes, you probably think of something like zucchini bread or grandma’s old fashioned round loaf. Well, compared to these, those are boring old news. There are some intriguing bread recipes out there, each so uniquely delicious. Try one of these bread recipes out, and be sure to make enough to share with your friends!

1. Cranberry Orange Nut Bread

Think cranberries and oranges might be a bit too zesty together? Think again! This bread recipe incorporates traditional bread ingredients with a cranberry orange combo twist. On top of that, there are walnuts in there!

The recipe recommends using fresh cranberries, but you can use dried cranberries and it’ll come out just as good. You need orange juice and orange zest, so buy an orange! You should be able to get what you need with just one, and it will save you the cost of buying orange zest in the seasoning section. In about an hour, you can have this tangy bread ready. Let it cool, or slice off a warm piece! Either way, it will not disappoint.

Get the full recipe at Simply Recipes

10 Unique Bread Recipes To Share With Each Slice

2. Cinnamon Swirl Zucchini Pumpkin Bread

There are a lot of words to grasp here, but they all add up to delicious. Who knew bread recipes could combine to form one super bread? First, you mix the wet ingredients and the pumpkin, then you add the zucchini. Next, you pour it all into a bread pan, mix up the cinnamon swirl, and pour it on top of the bread. The swirl sinks a little into the bread mixture, meaning the bread is basically cinnamon and sugar-filled. In about an hour, you have a warm, sweet, heavenly bread ready to marry a glass of milk and be consumed by you.

Get the full recipe at Julie’s Eats and Treats

10 Unique Bread Recipes To Share With Each Slice

3. Strawberry Banana Blueberry Bread

Fruity bread recipes rarely disappoint, and this one is no exception. This bread has the traditional banana bread base, using three squishy bananas, but it adds blueberries and strawberries into the mix. This is a perfect breakfast on the go item, as it also makes good muffins and would go great with coffee or milk! Set aside some prep time the night before and pop it in the oven for an hour. In the morning, you will have a fruit-filled bread that everyone will want to enjoy!

Get the full recipe at Julia’s Album

10 Unique Bread Recipes To Share With Each Slice

4. Hawaiian Mango Bread

Not all bread recipes give their secrets away in the name. The Hawaiian part of this bread recipe means it has macadamia nuts, coconut, and raisins along with a lot of fresh mangoes. After following the traditional loafed bread techniques, incorporating these ingredients, and pouring it all into a bread pan, bake it for an hour. The result is a beautifully dark and dense bread that will demand you to grab an extra slice!

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10 Unique Bread Recipes To Share With Each Slice

5. Chocolate Nut Bread

Another example of bread recipes holding secrets, this bread has more to it than just chocolate and nuts. A German chocolate bar and walnuts or pecans, you choose, blend with dates and maraschino cherries to make a truly sweet treat. In a little more than an hour, you can serve this dessert bread warm to guests and put even bigger smiles on their faces. And this bread recipe freezes well, so you can keep one ready to be reheated!

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10 Unique Bread Recipes To Share With Each Slice

 6. Avocado Nut Bread

This one does sound weird, but don’t knock it ’til you try it! Bread recipes can be very inventive, and this green bread is a good example of that. Avocado is the only unusual ingredient in this bread, the rest being traditional bread ingredients and pecans for that added crunch. This is a good recipe for when your avocado is about to go bad. The resulting bread is moist, and it does not taste like avocado, despite the color. See if your friends can figure this one out!

Get the full recipe at Food.

10 Unique Bread Recipes To Share With Each Slice

7. Apple Carrot Bread

One great thing about bread recipes is that they can hide things. This recipe’s secret is sour cream! Along with the typical bread ingredients, grated apples, and grated carrots, this gem of an ingredient gets thrown in to change things up. It adds even more moisture! Whip up the ingredients and pour them into a bread pan, and it will be ready in just under an hour! The result is reminiscent of a carrot apple cake. This is a great dessert bread for any time of the year, and everyone will love its dense sweetness!

Get the full recipe at Averie Cooks

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10 Unique Bread Recipes To Share With Each Slice

8. Peach Ginger Bread

Traditional bread recipes with a twist are always welcome surprises. This one is good old gingerbread with fresh white peach chunks baked right in! (If you are not a peach fan, try substituting other fruits like  pineapple or blueberries.) This specific recipe also happens to be vegan, so it has some interesting additions like arrowroot, tapioca flour, and maple syrup. In about an hour and a half, you can have this recipe thrown together and baked to perfection, just in time for brunch! Coffee, anyone?

Get the full recipe at Cookstr

10 Unique Bread Recipes To Share With Each Slice

9. Swiss Onion Bread

As we well know, not all bread recipes are sweet. This particular recipe is more on the hardy side, as it includes caramelized onions and swiss cheese rolled up in traditional bread dough with a dash of dry mustard. This recipe does take some time, as the dough needs to rise for about two hours before baking, so make sure to plan accordingly! After it has risen, spread the onions and cheese over the flattened dough, roll it up, and bake it. When it is about halfway done baking, add a bunch of cheese and onions to the top, too. Once the bread sounds hollow, it is time to let it cool. The result is a delicious bread that goes great with pasta or soup, and did I hear next level Rueben sandwiches?

Get the full recipe at Cosmopolitan Cornbread

10 Unique Bread Recipes To Share With Each Slice

10. Green Tomato Bread

It can be odd seeing green bread as it can remind you of mold, but some bread recipes just don’t care. Thankfully, this one isn’t too green. (That’s the avocado bread.) Filled with chopped green tomatoes, pecans, and oddly enough, a dash of vanilla, this interesting bread recipe is actually really good. The unique flavor of green tomatoes combined with the traditional pan loaf bread recipe makes this a good snack bread that is ready in about an hour. Slap on some butter and enjoy!

Get the full recipe at Food.

10 Unique Bread Recipes To Share With Each Slice

Have you tried any of these unique bread recipes? Do you have unique bread recipes not on the list? Let me know in the comments below!

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