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30 Unique Bedroom Decor Ideas To Renovate Your Room

If you are looking to re-do your bedroom ,then you need to know the latest bedroom decor ideas to get started! A lot of these bedroom decor ideas are small, but they end up making a huge difference in the end when it comes to your bedroom style. Discover a few key style points that will completely change your bedroom look!

1) Hanging Terrarium

Hang a few of these in your bedroom changes the entire vibe.

2) Wallpaper

That’s right! Wallpaper is back and will completely refresh your bedroom vibes. The trend calls for only a small part of the room to be wallpapered, so don’t get too carried away and wallpaper the entire room. Instead, pick a small wall or section for a pop of color. Pair the wallpaper with a minimalist neutral color, and you’ve created a whole new space. It’s recommended that you use the stick-on wallpaper that comes off easily. That way, you can always stick with the latest trending wallpaper.

3) Basket Lamp

A hanging basket lamp is the perfect bedside lighting. These are so trendy and look spectacular. It’s a piece of lighting that also acts as a light source.

4) Deep Clean

If you have an extra day or two, deep clean your bedroom. The less items in your bedroom, the better. With a few key decorations, your room can be kept clean easily.

5) Lots Of Plants

Keep your bedroom full of life! The more green, the better in your re-vamped bedroom. Plus, it feels good to be a care-taker.

6) Shelf Above The Bed

Having a shelf along the bed headboard is so trendy. You can lean picture frames on the shelves and more plants!

7) Circle Mirror

This is a great wall piece. Instead of a traditional rectangle mirror, this is a fun way to mix it up.

8) Art Photo Wall

Hang some of your favorite art inspirations in your bedroom! You can continuously mix and change the photos and art in the frames. This is a bedroom decor idea that makes changing your bedroom vibe easy!

9) Curtains

One way you can make your room look taller is by adding tall curtains to your window. this also gives your bedroom space more personality and texture to the walls.

10) Potted Plants

Adding a potted plant to your new bedroom decor. This seems like a simple decor addition, but can totally change up a space. Potted plants look amazing in corner spaces.

11) Velvet Desk Chair

Adding a velvet desk chair to your room is so trendy (and comfortable)!

12) Fluffy Pouf

This is magical and it is one of the comfiest bedroom decor items that you could get. Like rugs, this item adds another texture to the room and it also serves as a place to sit.

13) Chunky Knit Throw

This is a trend that you need to get behind. This is a fun way to spice up your room. It’s great for snuggles.

14) Candles

Candles serve as both a decor item and a scented item that will do your bedroom wonders.

15) Body Mirror

Full body mirrors are practical and trendy. Lean a body mirror against the wall of your bedroom!

16) Leaning Bookshelf

Similar to the leaning full body mirror, the leaning bookshelf is another popular trend worth investing in.

17) Wide Bookshelf

If you are an avid reader, this is the trendy bedroom decor for you.

18) Circular Rug

Use a small circular rug to tie your bedroom together.

19) City Map

Personalize your bedroom wall art decor with the cities that matter the most to you!

20) Hanging Banner

Drape a banner on the wall above you ebed headboards. Neutral colors are whats trending right now!

21) Cube Shelf

This is a great piece of furniture that is very visually pleasing. The cube shelf creates a space where you can get creative and place decor upon.

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22) Closet Rack

If you are tight in space, this is a wonderful solution that also is decorative. Show off your beautiful clothing style and use your colorful closet as a bedroom decor piece!

23) Wall Shelves

Decorate your walls with wall shelves! This is a great piece to hang over your desk area. Use these shelves to place pictures frames and plants.

24) Small Accent Chair

If you have a free corner, add a accent chair that matches the vibe of your new bedroom decor idea. This adds another place to sit and relax and it is a great accent piece for your bedroom.

25) Circular Hanging Lantern Light

The lantern light really disperses the light in a beautiful way. Adding one or two of these to your bedroom decor is a great choice!

26) Textured Pillows

Adding texture to your bedding is so important and you will get amazing results. Adding texture makes your bedding look more comfortable and full.

27) Hanging Succulent Garden

This is a wonderful succulent garden idea and it is adorable to have as a wall decor in your bedroom.

28) Wall Collage

One wall decor idea that is trending are wall collages. To make the perfect collage, make sure you have a variety of decor to put on your wall. The key is to have variety, but keep a similar color palette. Some ideas that you can use are: pictures, art, mirror, words, maps, wood pieces, and clocks.

29) Open Bookshelf

This is a very airy and spacious bookshelf that is a wonderful addition to your bedroom decor can use this bookshelf for actual book or you can use it for more decor items and storage.

30) Neon Light

Hanging aa neon light on your bedroom wall is a trendy wall addition! You can buy custom neon lights so you can add a glowing personal touch to your new bedroom decor!

Now that you know the trending bedroom decor ideas, we are so excited to see your results! Share your results with us in the comments!

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