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10 Unique Bars And Restaurants In Richmond, Virginia

10 Unique Bars And Restaurants In Richmond, Virginia

Richmond Virginia is known for its booming art scene and its D1 colleges, but don’t miss out on the fantastic food. The locals here have a taste for the dramatic with an artsy flare, and thankful so do their foods. These unique bars and restaurants in Richmond, Virginia are ones you don't want to miss.

Richmond, Virginia is known for its booming art scene and its D1 colleges, but don’t miss out on the fantastic food if you’re paying the Capital City a visit. The locals here have a taste for the dramatic with an artsy flare, and thankful so do their foods. Check out these one of a kind hidden jems in Historic Richmond. These unique bars and restaurants in Richmond, Virginia are ones you don’t want to miss.

1. Capital Waffle Shop

Located on E Main Street, this quirky restaurant delivers all you could ever want in the form of everyone’s favorite breakfast carb. Order whatever your heart desires, like Cordon Blue atop a perfectly cooked waffle. You can even make your own crazy creations with sweet toppings like coffee cake or ice cream. This may be the best deal in Richmond, savory or sweet, you can get for 5 dollars.

1110 E Main St Ste B Richmond, Virginia 23219


2. The Circuit

The circuit combines classic arcades games with an ever-rotating selection of ice-cold brews. They feature a self-serve beer wall with 50 beers, ciders, and wines. If that wasn’t enough to draw you in check out their large collection of vintage arcade games, pinball machines, and consoles.

3121 W Leigh St. Richmond, VA 23220

3. GWARbar

If you want crazy food, heavy metal and great drinks look no further than GWARbar. Their menu features a large array of both vegan and non-vegan options including chicken duckets, a nugget combining duck confit and chicken. Whether you’re in the mood for cauliflower chicken nuggets or a Philly cheesecake quesadilla they have food for you. You can even catch a metal show or a horror movie depending on the night.


217 W Clay St. Richmond VA

4. Lemaire

If you’re feeling fancy, check out Lemaire. Located within the historic Jefferson hotel this place exudes class. Their extensive (and expensive) wine menu features local wines as well as imports from France, Portugal, Italy, and Germany. Accompany your drink with pearl oysters or porcini rubbed pork chops. I promise the price is well worth it.

5. Speakeasy Grill

Prohibition is over but doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy the spirits and good times. Located in the historic Jackson Ward, this grill serves classic southern dishes like Gumbo and shrimp and grits. Their featured cocktails are named after historic African American figures like the Louis Armstrong, a pomegranate martini w/ vodka, pomegranate liquor, black raspberry liquor and sweet and sour mix. Hit up this place if you’re in the mood for a little history with your liquor.


6. The Fancy Biscuit

Is there any southern staple more iconic than the biscuit? The fancy biscuit reimagines what a biscuit can be. Try their Big Apple, a biscuit with fried chicken, apple slaw, apple butter BBQ sauce, and blue cheese vinaigrette. If you’re in the mood for something more classic go for the Black dog, Tasso ham, gravy, white cheddar grits, and jumbo shrimp atop their signature biscuit. Wash down your favorite carb with a mango or raspberry sorbet mimosa and you’ll have one memorable brunch.

1821 West Cary Street

7. Wong Gonzalez

Mexican-Asian fusion is a combination you never knew you needed until now. Beef bulgogi tacos and Chashu pork nachos will happily confuse any taste pallet. The Korean baby back ribs with tomatillo salsa are mouthwatering and will set your mind on a food tasting journey like no other. Inspired by the hawker stalls of Malaysia and the home kitchens of Mexico, Wong Gonzalez will redefine what you thought about fusion.


412 E Grace St, Richmond, VA 23219

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8. Sabai

Relaxation and street food are often an unpaired combination. At Sabai on West Broad St. you can enjoy marinated pork belly on a swing bench surrounded by hanging plants. Enjoy authentic Thai dishes like Kadum Moo, pork ribs with garlic, or Gai Yhang, Thai grilled chicken with sticky rice. Try one of their bright and fun cocktails while you’re at it for a totally serene experience. Who needs a real tropical vacation when you have Sabai. There’s a great variety of restaurants in Richmond, Virginia, you’ll find something for everyone!


2727 W Broad St, Richmond, VA 23220

9. Home Sweet Home

To say something is the best is a pretty big claim but I can honestly say Home Sweet Home has the best grilled cheese you’ll ever eat. Enjoy the Upstate, a sandwich made with Vermont cheddar, Applewood smoked bacon, and gala apples on honey wheat. Maybe keep it simple with the Mac and Me, a grilled cheese with mac and cheese and smoked pork BBQ on white. Start feeling at home with one of their classic cocktails, beers or wines. Their menu may be small but their flavors pack a punch. You’ve got to check out these restaurants in Richmond, Virginia, especially if you love good food.

3433 West Cary St. Richmond


10. Shyndiz

If you want to end things off with something sweet hit up every Richmonder’s favorite dessert spot. While their menu changes daily the Fresh Fruit or Slated Caramel cake are menu staples everyone must try at least once. With slices big enough for two it’s the perfect date spot. Don’t forget to try their deliciously sweet drinks like their smore’s cocktail. You really don’t want to miss any of these restaurants in Richmond, Virginia.

1903 West Cary St. 23220

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