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UNH Street Style: Spring Edition

UNH Street Style: Spring Edition

Every college campus is filled with an array of different trends, styles, and outfits that showcase each student’s individuality. There’s never a dull moment when walking to class, because you can see all the different ways people dress around campus. No two outfits are alike, and this is why campus fashion is so exciting! While there are too many great outfits to count, these next ten outfits (modeled by real UNH students) will inspire you to ditch the sweatpants and throw on something cute for class, especially as it gets warmer!


1. Cat’s Sundress and Sun Hat

The mixture of the sunflower dress with the edgy sunglasses and floppy hat make this outfit to die for. It is a perfect outfit to get you excited for summer fashion. There is nothing wrong with a dark outfit during warmer days. The dark colors mixed with the sunflowers give this look a vintage flare.

Sala Risby Personal Photo

2. Hayley’s Sundress and Cardigan Combo

The different shades of blue go perfectly in this outfit. A light sundress paired with a cozy cardigan embodies what spring feels like: sunny with a cool breeze. This outfit can be worn with or without tights which makes it perfect for the spring. You can feel super cute wearing this to class (when you would rather be outside) and still be comfortable.

Sala Risby Personal Photo

3. Tati’s Boho Casually-Comfortable

I swear by a year-round festival look. Tati rocks it by wearing an adorable tie-front flowy long sleeved blouse, and light washed high-waisted shorts. She makes the look her own by finishing the outfit with cute booties that match her suede fedora. Reds and oranges together will always give a pretty sunchild vibe on a nice sunny day around campus.

Tip: Flowers in your hair will NEVER do you wrong.

Sala Risby Personal Photo

4. Brittany’s Flannel and Crop Top Cami

Just because it is getting warmer on campus doesn’t mean you have to pack away all of your cute flannels! It is still New England after all, and we are no strangers to surprise weather! Brittany is keeping the flannel alive by tying it around her waist. This looks perfect with a crop top because you can still wear this outfit on a normal weekday and have it not be too much. Her white crop topped cami makes the outfit fit to the warmer weather, as well as her light silver layers of necklaces. Cuffing jeans is the perfect touch to any spring outfit.

Sala Risby Personal Photo

5. Madison’s Twist on Black & White

Madison literally looks like she’s on a I’m-on-my-way-to-class catwalk from her combat boots to her statement necklace. Starting with her festive necklace and over sized sunglasses, her outfit is full of originality. Having an all-black outfit with the pop of white from her shirt and backpack makes this look like a hipster uniform (especially with the fringe cardigan).

Sala Risby Personal Photo

6. Veronika’s Jean and Dress Combo (with Choker)

A flowy black dress under a jean jacket gives that cute, breezy, spring look. It is perfect for when you are out and about on campus. The addition of a choker and a layering necklace with the turtle shell sunglasses and beige strappy sandals ties the whole outfit together and makes Veronika a campus showstopper.

Sala Risby Personal Photo

7. Samantha’s Printed Midi Skirt & Doc Martens

Samantha makes the look her own by wearing a midi sunflower print skirt, paired with a belt and cute gray surplice crop top. Her own personal touch can be seen in this look as she wears the outfit with a pair of Doc Martens and a long sweater, creating a one-of-a-kind look to this style.

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Sala Risby Personal Photo

8. Molly’s Distressed Boyfriend Jeans and Birkenstocks

There is nothing that says it’s springtime for a college student than destroyed jeans and birkenstocks! These distressed boyfriend jeans look clean and are fun to dress up because they can go with almost any kind of top. Molly pairs hers with a white boxy tee and a white bralette to give the outfit layers. Her strong pendant necklace, big sunglasses, and birkenstock sandals makes this the perfect outfit for a nice day on campus.

Sala Risby Personal Photo

9. Jenna’s Earthy Layers and Bucket Hat

Layers galore! Jenna’s outfit is complete with layers of greens, browns, and tans. The prints on the shirt tied around her waist add a pop of color to the neutrals that create most of the outfit. This look is one-of-a-kind with her bucket hat and brown leather bag. Leggings bring the darker parts together without taking away from the unity of the outfit.

Sala Risby Personal Photo

10. Michaela’s Summer Festival Vibe

This outfit is perfect for a day out on the quad! Light washed jeans paired with an off the shoulder long sleeved, loose blouse looks effortlessly adorable as well as being fashionable and comfortable. The pink aviators and multicolored dangling statement earrings give the outfit color and flare. Paired with a cute brown bag and chunky bracelets, Michaela could either be heading to class or a summer festival!

Sala Risby Personal Photo
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