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Unforgettable Romantic New Years Eve Ideas For Couples

Unforgettable Romantic New Years Eve Ideas For Couples

Romantic New Years Eve ideas for couples can be tough. Thankfully these romantic New Years eve date ideas are easy and affordable. Ring in the new year!

New Years is a day filled with anticipation; new goals, dreams and plans are set for the upcoming year. It’s also the perfect time to surround yourself with loved ones. There is nothing better than kicking off your year surrounded by ones you love. However, making New Years Eve plans can be a bit difficult – there’s always added pressure to make the night perfect. Instead of stressing over romantic New Years eve plans, I’ve got you covered with a few New Years ideas. Whether you want a romantic night just the two of you or a fun night out, there’s something for everybody on this New Years ideas list. Here are a few unforgettable romantic New Years Eve ideas for couples. Let’s kick start the year of right!


This is something my boyfriend and I have planned this New Years Eve – I wouldn’t steer you in the wrong direction so of course my plans are going on the “romantic New Years Eve ideas for couples” list. My boyfriend are heading up to Montreal but you can always snag yourself a luxury tree-house or a cool tiny house in the wood on Airbnb. Whether you’re looking for something cozy, unique or more modern, Airbnb makes it so there’s something for everyone. There’s nothing better than being nuzzled up in front of a fire, sipping red wine and ringing in the New Year with your babe.

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Fine Dining

There’s nothing wrong with making a reservation at a fancy restaurant and splurging on New Years Eve. Of course this will be one of the more romantic New Years Eve ideas for couples. Finding a beautiful restaurant with an outstanding ambiance is perfect for couples on New Years Eve. If you are in Los Angeles, Giorgio Baldi is an outstanding Italian restaurant worth the cash. For those of you in New York City, I’d recommend Fig and Olive.

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Camp Out Under The Stars

This is the one of the best cheap, yet romantic New Years Eve ideas for couples. If you aren’t in colder climates, grab a tent and camp out under the stars with your babe. Whether it’s in your backyard or a campsite, it’s a great way to enjoy each other’s company. Tuck your cellphones away and focus on what the New Year has in store for you both. You can chat, play cards, roast marshmallows and disconnect from the world. Bring a few bottles of red wine and sip those together next to a fire. I’d say that is a pretty unforgettable New Years Eve.

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Take A Salsa Class

This New Years date idea is one of the more random romantic New Years Eve ideas for couples. The salsa dance is sexy as is. Why not put on your dancing shoes and learn to get seriously intimate learning the salsa?

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Pop Bottles On The Roof

This is the most simplistic date ideas on the romantic New Years Eve ideas for couples. Grab yourself a fine bottle of champagne, or a few, and find a rooftop with the prettiest view of your city. Spend the evening sipping bubbly and chatting about your New Years resolutions. This is a great New Years Eve date idea.

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Taste Wines From 2017

What a great way to say bye to 2017. Ring in 2018 by doing a New Years Eve wine tasting with your significant other. Purchase several different wines from 2017 and give them a go! This is the most fun romantic New Years Eve ideas for couples! Get yourself cheese plates and chocolate fondue.

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Skate Date

Tap into your childhood memories with this unforgettable romantic New Years Eve ideas for couples. You know it’s a good New Years date idea!

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Spa Day

This is more of a daytime activity on the romantic New Years Eve ideas for couples list. Spend the day prepping for the New Year with your babe by getting couples massages together. Unwind and let yourself relax in front of a fire during the evening.

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Let us know what you think about romantic New Years Eve ideas for couples in the comments below!
 These are the best unforgettable romantic new years eve ideas for couples!
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