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10 Underrated Things You Can Do At Home That Are Fun

10 Underrated Things You Can Do At Home That Are Fun

10 Underrated Things You Can Do At Home That Are Fun

Staying home can be incredibly lucrative for your mental and physical health, if you know how to spend your free time wisely! Take a look at these underrated things you can do at home to help keep you healthy and sane!

1) Read A Book 

There is no better way to spend your free time than curled up on the couch with a good book. We used to read all the time when we were younger, and somewhere along the way it became less and less of a priority until we stopped doing it altogether. Research shows that reading more can actually help us increase out sympathy as we try and make connections with the fictional characters in our books. We develop emotional coping skills that we can then take into the real world, and apply to our real-life relationships. Reading is also a great way to temporarily take a step back from whatever is stressing you out. Focusing on someone else’s problems that don’t require your help to be fixed can be quite cathartic, and might actually motivate you to take the next step towards resolving your own problems! 

10 Underrated Things You Can Do At Home That Are Fun

2) Workout

Lots of people think working out at home is a waste of time, and that you can’t possibly get a good workout in without all the equipment you see at the gym. Well, those people would be wrong! There are so many ways you can workout at home, and the availability of free online workouts made by professionals is higher than ever before. You can do some stress-relieving yoga, sweat to some Zumba, or make your own workout targeting areas you feel you would like to improve! Working out at home is a great way to stay physically fit, but it’s also a great way to stay mentally in-tune as well. When we workout, we release tons of chemicals and endorphins that make us feel happier, and keep us energized and motivated!

10 Underrated Things You Can Do At Home That Are Fun

3) Color

If you’re looking for a stress-relieving activity that doesn’t require moving or putting in a whole lot of effort, try coloring! Yes, we’re serious. Coloring may sound like one of those mindless activities we were told to do as kids to keep us preoccupied, but coloring is actually a great way to pass the time while still stimulating your brain! Coloring has a relaxing effect on the brain, very similar to yoga, and can actually help to literally put your mind to rest after a long day. It’s a great activity to do with the whole fam and best of all, it’s an awesome way to get those creative juices flowing!

4) Clean The House

Okay, so this probably doesn’t sound like something you’d actually want to do at home, but this article is all about underrated things to do, so you’re just gonna have to trust us on this one! It’s a proven fact that we as humans tend to thrive better in an organized and clean environment free of clutter. We tend to neglect this fact, because well, cleaning can just plain suck sometimes. But once you get going, you might actually surprise yourself! Your house will look great, which means you’ll FEEL great, and once you start de-cluttering your own personal space, your brain might follow suit and clear out some of it’s own clutter!

10 Underrated Things You Can Do At Home That Are Fun

5) Try A New Recipe 

During the world week we can get stuck in the same mundane lunch items : turkey sandwich, leftovers, half-heated soup, you know what we’re talking about. So use the time you have at home to get creative and try out some new recipes! Try out something new, or add a new twist to an old family recipe. Think outside the box and jazz it up a bit! Getting creative in the kitchen can open up new parts in your brain and allow you to gain a new prospective on other aspects of your life that could use a little more creativity!

10 Underrated Things You Can Do At Home That Are Fun

6) Take A Nap

Use this opportunity to catch up on some Z’s! We’re talking about a serious nap- like a wake up on your couch not knowing what time it is, what day it is, or even what time zone you’re in. Turn off all your electronics, pull down the shades, light those lavender candles and put on your comfiest sweats, because you’re in this one for the long haul! If you sleep the whole day, so what! Don’t look at it as a waste of an entire day- look at it as a way to re-fuel your body after a long and taxing week. Give your mind and your body a break, and let your batteries re-charge! 

10 Underrated Things You Can Do At Home That Are Fun

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7) Start A DIY

Is there a project you’ve been dying to try, or maybe something that you started but somehow ended up neglecting somewhere along the way? Well stop making excuses and get on that! Crafting can be extremely relaxing, and for those of us who CANNOT sit still and constantly need something to do with our hands, it’s a fun way to stay busy. Enlist the help of your bff or your kids, or go solo and take this time away from everyone to enjoy some peace and quiet!

10 Underrated Things You Can Do At Home That Are Fun

8) Give Yourself A Makeover

We all have that super expensive bottle of bubble bath sitting in our medicine cabinets that we bought with EVERY intention of using, and then just never found the time. Now’s the time! Break out the bubble bath and the candles, and your favorite nail polish. Do a leave-in treatment for your hair, give yourself a blow-out and FINALLY use that exfoliating scrub. Go ahead, you totes deserve it!

10 Underrated Things You Can Do At Home That Are Fun

9) Play A Game

When was the last time you sat down with the fam and played a game together? Use this time together to dust off the old board games in your closet and do some old-fashioned family bonding! There’s nothing like a good laugh to help you de-stress and take your mind off of anything that’s been weighing you down!

10) Start A Journal 

When it comes to underrated things you can do at home, starting a journal is probably #1 on our list. Starting a journal can help you move on, let go, remember special moments and occasions you want to look back on, jot down ideas, you name it. The crazier this world gets, the more important it becomes to reflect on our own thoughts and take time out each day to look within ourselves and find a little bit of good in the bad. Start a self-love journal, a prayer journal, a workout journal, whatever you want! Just start writing!

Which of these underrated things to do at home was your fave? Leave a comment and let us know!

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