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12 Underrated Dorm Room Essentials

12 Underrated Dorm Room Essentials

Leaving home and studying at a different state or country is something that most of us have to experience once or twice in our lives. Not all of us are lucky enough to study in our hometown and being able to live in the comfort of our own home. Living in dorms is a technique that we need to master in order to actually survive those college years and not stressing over small things that we never actually needed to consider before. So, we rounded up 12 underrated dorm room essentials that are actually forgotten by most people but are definitely life savers.

Dorm rooms are usually very small and being able to expand your storage areas here are some of the most useful dorm room essentials in creating more storage space.

Desk with shelves

Desks with additional shelving and compartments are definitely dorm room essentials. It creates more space to organise your study materials and they can get messy during late night study sessions before exams. This way you are able to save time from trying to scavenge your study materials from the sea of books and notes.

12 Underrated Dorm Room Essentials

University doesn’t mean studying 24/7, you are ought to have some parties or a night out with your friends. So, you can’t be wearing the same things you do to class, but the dilemma of not having enough closet space to store everything is such a nightmare. Don’t fret, we have found the best dorm room essentials to solve this!

Stackable storage boxes

Storage boxes might sound like a no brainer, but, buying the right ones are so important. Buying stackable storage boxes means you can get the most out of your limited amount of space, and this could be well underneath your bed. This well you won’t be looking at them all the time and it will definitely make everything look more put together. This way your unused clothes, shoes or bags are well taken care of.

Clothing racks

Wardrobes take too much space and clothing racks have the same function of a wardrobe but it takes up less space and clothing racks with shelves will definitely be your best decision. And if you don’t want your newly done laundry to get dusty or accidentally dirtied, simply cover your clothing rack with a cover, this way not only does your belongings have a place to sit, more importantly, it takes way less space than the usual wardrobe.

12 Underrated Dorm Room Essentials

Bedside clip lights

Beds in dorms are small enough and you can’t waste your precious space with bedside tables, it’s just a luxury that dorm rooms can’t provide. Bedside clip lights can be easily attached to any part of your bed frame and it it won’t take up any more space than necessary.

Over door hangers

Over door hangers are great for your toiletry bags, laundry bags and backpack that you need for class. They are ready to go at all times and you will find that it won’t take up as much space as a laundry basket or shelving.

Laundry bags

Living in a dorm means you don’t get to use your own personal washing machine, and getting your colours mixed up is definitely a nightmare, or you might lose a few pieces here and there while doing your laundry. Laundry bags are great in this case, it allows you to wash all your clothes in one bag and when it’s done just simply take put it in the dryer all in one piece. You will find that a sock or small garment will never be lost during washes.

12 Underrated Dorm Room Essentials

Scented candles

Air fresheners are a must when you want to clear your head and smell something that’s relaxing and soothing, however, scented candles are the best type of air fresheners out there, the smell is amazing and a candle lit room can also help you rewind after a long day.

Handheld vacuum cleaners

One of the most crucial dorm room essentials out there, when you make a mess on the floor, bed, desk or just a usual clean up these devices come in handy. They are portable and small meaning less storage room required and they can be used as a multipurpose cleaning device for the entire dorm.

Room decor

Bring a piece of your home with you, decorating your dorm room with your favourite decor items can help you settle in a new place much easier and by bring with you a piece of your ‘home’ will definitely be able to help with that. Or adding in a few new pieces for a refreshing look is can also make it seem more homely.

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12 Underrated Dorm Room Essentials

Power strips

We have more electronic devices than a single wall socket can handle, let along if you’re sharing a room with other people. Power strips can extend that single socket to as many as necessary and there’s not need to fight over who will charge their phone first.

Automated trash can

Taking out the trash everyday might be the last thing on your mind and especially during those finals and exams period. Automated trash cans can hide the smell of rubbish and prevent accidentally kicking it over pouring everything out. Who has the time to do extra cleaning, right?

Medical kits

Having the necessary medications on hand is definitely a necessity and medical kits are one of the most underrated dorm room essentials, this save you the trouble from going to the doctors or pharmacy of minor health issues.

These 12 underrated dorm room essentials are game changer. Which dorm room essentials are you going to stock up on?

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