10 Underrated Dog Breeds You Need To Know About

There are two types of people in this world: dog people and cat people. While arguments can be made for both sides, there’s no denying the appeal of a good doggo. Whether you prefer the pint-sized but feisty chihuahua or the classic family Labrador, all dogs have the power to bring joy to our lives. Some dogs, however, don’t get the attention they deserve. So we’ve created a list of the most underrated dog breeds you really need to know about!

1. Bedlington Terrier

Have you ever wondered what a dog crossed with a sheep would look like? Well, wonder no more! Bedlington Terrier’s are the answer to that strange question. Looking more lamb than dog, Bedlington Terrier’s are headstrong and playful dogs that have energy to spare! Bonus points–they’re hypoallergenic, so are great for people who suffer dog allergies!

10 Underrated Dog Breeds You Need To Know About

2. Whippet

Whippets have been growing more popular lately, but they are still a criminally underrated dog breed. While they are known to have random bursts of frenzied, high-power energy, whippets are mostly lazy dogs who prefer to sleep, eat and cuddle. I can’t imagine anything better than snuggling next to one of these dopey little puppies after a hard day’s work.

10 Underrated Dog Breeds You Need To Know About

3. Australian Cattle Dog

Also called ‘Blue Heeler’ or ‘Red Heeler’ for their unique colorings, Australian Cattle Dogs are a dog originally developed in Australia to herd cattle. Nowadays, they just make great family dogs. They’re extremely intelligent, loyal and full of energy, so there is never a dull day when they’re around!

10 Underrated Dog Breeds You Need To Know About

4. Irish Wolfhound

These towering sighthounds are the tallest of all dog breeds, but don’t let this intimidate you! The are the epitome of the ‘gentle giant’. These peaceful, tender dogs love nothing more than showing their affection through slobbering kisses!

10 Underrated Dog Breeds You Need To Know About

5. Borzoi

The Borzoi is a strange mixture of alien and elegance, with its long face and luscious coat. While they may be huge, they are gentle dogs who prefer to chill in bed instead of going for a run.

10 Underrated Dog Breeds You Need To Know About

6. Basenji

Basenji dogs are famous for being “barkless,” but it is their clever, mischievous personality that draws our attention. Often compared to a cat in temperament, they are likewise a mixed bag of personalities, from aloof to cheeky to just plain weird. Why is why we love them, of course!

10 Underrated Dog Breeds You Need To Know About

7. Dutch Shepherd

These shrewd looking dogs are underrated in favour of the more ‘handsome’ looking dog. But Dutch Shepherd’s should not be overlooked. They are highly intelligent, great guard dogs and are full of energy, making them the perfect dog for families.

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10 Underrated Dog Breeds You Need To Know About

8. Black Russian Terrier

If you haven’t heard of Black Russian Terrier’s, you’re not alone. This dog breed hasn’t been around for long. Originally bred to be guard dogs, Black Russian Terrier’s are known to be extremely loyal to their owners and possessing a high, almost uncanny level of intelligence. 10 Underrated Dog Breeds You Need To Know About

9. Pit Bull

Pit Bulls are misunderstood. They have a reputation for being aggressive and dangerous to humans, but this is mostly due to misguided, irresponsible and often unethical training of owners. When trained properly, Pit Bulls can be as loving and gentle as other dog breeds.

10 Underrated Dog Breeds You Need To Know About

10. Mutts

Not one dog breed per se, but a mixture of many. Mutts are, without a doubt, the most underrated type of dog. Often overlooked in favour of designer dog breeds, or even just better looking dogs, mutts are usually the last picked to adopt. Dog breeding is considered by many to be unethical. For example, breeding dogs to look a certain way can lead to considerable health defects, such as breathing problems in pugs. So when thinking about what your next pet should be, consider adopting a mutt. They’re not fancy or trendy, but that shouldn’t matter. All dogs are worthy of our love and kindness.

10 Underrated Dog Breeds You Need To Know About

Which is your favourite underrated dog breed? Let us know in the comments below!

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