Underrated Destinations To Travel To For Skiing in the Winter

Underrated Destinations To Travel To For Skiing in the Winter

Skiing is a popular activity/sport to take part in during the winter months. It is also one of the major events during the Winter Olympics. During the winter (and in some places, the spring and even early summer months as well), ski resorts /towns are packed with locals and tourists who want to take advantage of the huge amount of snowfall and admire the lovely views while skiing and/or snowboarding.

Some of the most popular areas for skiing in the United States include Vail, Colorado; Park City, Utah; and Lake Tahoe, California, to name a few. Meanwhile, St. Moritz, Switzerland; The Swiss Alps; and The Matterhorn are among the most popular destinations for skiing in Europe.

However, across both the United States and Europe, there are a few underrated areas for skiing that people should consider visiting on their next winter holiday. Some of these places are hidden gems and have the same appeal as the already mentioned popular areas listed above.

With that being said, here are 5 underrated destinations to travel to for skiing in the winter:

1. Boyne Highlands, Michigan:

This Northern Michigan ski resort is near the city of Harbour Springs and a four and half hour drive from Detroit. Boyne Highlands is the sister resort of nearby Boyne Mountain. It is also just south of the Canadian border.

Boyne Highlands is a winter wonderland and visitors will be able to enjoy now only skiing, but also snowboarding, tubing, ice skating, snowshoeing, and many more activities! One should even try out the wintertime zip-lines! After skiing all day, one should make sure to relax in front of the bonfires that are on the slopes.

While the ski resort offers several different lodgements, The Mountain Grand Lodge and Spa is the place you have to stay in on your next visit. The decor for The Mountain Grand Lodge and Spa is Austrian-inspired and the hotel is also connected to Avalanche Bay Indoor Waterpark, Michigan’s largest indoor water park. If you and your family should plan your next skiing trip at Boyne Highlands if you all want to participate in both the wintertime and summertime activities at the same time!

Underrated Destinations To Travel To For Skiing in the Winter

2. Livigno, Italy:

The Ski Town of Livigno is situated in the Alps on the Swiss-Italian border in the northern parts of Italy. Skiing Season for this destination usually takes place from November to April. One of the reasons why Livigno is worth visiting is that its’ skiing trails are great for all levels of skiers: beginners, intermediates, and experts/pros.

Another reason that Livigno attracts tourists is for the town’s special tax-free status  (this along with tourism is what the town’s economy is primarily based on) on its amazing stores for shopping. This destination also has some pretty bomb restaurants and bars.

Livigno will attract more visitors in the coming years as it’ll be the location for the snowboarding and freestyle skiing events when the 2026 Winter Olympics take place in Milan and Cortina d’Ampezzo during February 2026.

Underrated Destinations To Travel To For Skiing in the Winter

3. Winter Park, Colorado:

While popular areas for skiing in Colorado include Vail, Aspen, and Breckenridge; Winter Park is an underrated destination in the Centennial State for this popular winter pastime. It is located about 67 miles outside of Denver. Having gone skiing there four years ago, I can personally say that the slopes at Winter Park are extremely beautiful and picturesque.

Winter Park is also one of the best destinations for mogul skiing (also known as “freestyle skiing”) and Olympians have trained on Mary Jane, one of the ski resort’s three interconnected mountain peaks. The other two interconnected mountain peaks are Winter Park and Vasquez Ridge and all three share a common lift ticket.

Winter Park is one of several ski resorts that contains both a mountain village and a separate downtown. Both parts of the ski resort attract tourists for their relaxed and charming feels, in addition to their recreational activities and wonderful selection of restaurants. If your next skiing trip is going to be in Colorado, be sure to head over to Winter Park for a more relaxed environment and flow of things.

Underrated Destinations To Travel To For Skiing in the Winter

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5. Whitefish, Montana:

In general, the state of Montana is an underrated destination to go skiing during the months of winter. There are several ski resorts across The Treasure State that are worth checking out. However, the one place that people should go skiing in Montana is at the Whitefish Mountain Resort, which is eight miles north of the city of Whitefish. It is also 66 miles away from the US-Canada border.

While skiing the slopes of Whitefish Mountain Resort, tourists will be able to enjoy the deep snow and breathtaking views of the nearby Glacier National Park. This destination is also known for its’ familial like atmosphere and nightlife. Whenever you go skiing at Whitefish, you will fall in love with the fresh powder and uncrowded skiing trails after each visit.

Underrated Destinations To Travel To For Skiing in the Winter

5. Riksgränsen, Sweden:

Riksgränsen is in Lappland, Sweden and is dubbed “Europe’s Most Northern Skiing Destination,” as it is 200 km north of the Arctic Circle. This underrated ski resort has six ski lifts and over 40 hills to explore.

Skiing Season at Riksgränsen lasts from mid-February to the end of June. That’s right. Given this destination’s close proximity to the Arctic Circle, the area still has snow during the months of summer. What makes Riksgränsen such a unique place to go skiing is that it offers midnight skiing so that visitors can experience the Northern Lights and the midnight sun.

While skiing the slopes of the Swedish Ski Resort, one has to stay at either the historic Meteorologen Hotel (it has been open since 1903!) or at the ICEHOTEL. For those wanting to marvel at the sight of the Northern Lights, book your skiing holiday at Riksgränsen during the month of March.

Underrated Destinations To Travel To For Skiing in the Winter

Underrated Destinations To Travel To For Skiing in the WinterDo you like skiing? Which of these destinations will you most likely book for your next ski adventure? Let us know which one down below in the comments section!

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