13 Undeniable Signs You’re Drunk

We know everyone loves a good drink, but how do you know you’ve crossed the line from getting reactions like, “OH MY GOD I love you, you’re so fun!” to “Okay, go home you’re drunk?” There are signs and stages of getting drunk that you will certainly experience – and possibly regret. But, it’s ok. Isn’t that the point anyways? Here are the signs of getting drunk that are unavoidable and undeniable.


You’re going to start to feel warm and bubbly inside. This is when the alcohol starts making you happy that you actually got off the couch (or out of bed) and out of those sweatpants or yoga pants.


Its not fun to be sober

Now you’re feeling really good and believe that what you think goes. You’ll be getting pretty vocal with your opinions and feelings now that you got some of that liquid courage swimming around your veins.

I could literally slap you


You will start to get the urge to try things that you wouldn’t normally do or even be able to do – indoors…

Stove.. or outdoors




You’re going to start to become a bit dramatic… And LOUD!!




You’ll probably want to make a huge scene in front of everyone. And dance everywhere you go.




You’ll forget simple etiquette and start doing things that annoy everyone in your general vicinity.




Everyone you meet will either be a romantic decision, a best friend, or a worst enemy.



Things that were once easy are now the biggest struggles of your life.


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All coordination will be gone by now and walking will seem like its impossible. You’re going to feel like the whole world is against you. You will never own up to how drunk you are though.

not drunk

You’re going to get hungry and eat everything you vowed to stay away from for that summer bod. Taco Bell at 2 a.m. is pretty much heaven in a paper bag.



Your finally get you home and into bed, or floor if that’s where you decide to land, and the productive things you were supposed to do the next day are now a complete joke.



You wake up and vow to never drink again. Until tomorrow.

never drinking




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