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7 Unconventional Ways To Land Your Dream Job

7 Unconventional Ways To Land Your Dream Job

Landing your dream job isn’t going to be easy. No matter what field you are pursuing, there will always be stiff competition and there will always be people who have a slightly better edge than you. If you’ve got the mental strength to survive through the many trials and errors and the work ethic to back up your skills, you will get where you want to be eventually.  But to make landing your dream job a little easier, it always helps to do something a little extra to boost your chances. Here are 7 unconventional ways to land your dream job.

1. Showcase your work on a professional-looking platform

Whether you are a writer or an artist, you should show off your credibility. If you have a professional-looking website with your name slapped across the screen, you already look more like a working professional than any other applicant with a simple resume. However, if you don’t have the technical skills to build a website, a sleek Instagram account can also achieve the same effect.

7 Unconventional Ways To Land Your Dream Job

2. Keep up with your friends

You never know where your friends will end up in ten or twenty years. Those girls that you’ve partied with for so many weekends or even your roommate could be leaders in their respective fields. Keeping up with those friendships means that when they hear about a job that you might be suitable for or that they think will interest you, they will not only inform you about the opening but can also put in a good word for you. Connections, in many ways, can land you jobs that you wouldn’t, otherwise, have ever heard of.

7 Unconventional Ways To Land Your Dream Job

3. Attend conventions

Like maintaining steady contact with your friends, it is also important to keep in contact with people in your field. Many fields have conventions and you should consider attending them. Treat conventions like reunions; you can catch up with people in your field and learn about the latest and greatest things that are happening. This is also a great chance to foster relationships with people, who are leaders in your field. Make sure they know your name and recognize your face! If they know you, they could also inform you when appropriate openings are available.

7 Unconventional Ways To Land Your Dream Job

4. Find a day job

You want to be a rockstar singing in front of sold-out stadiums or an artist selling million dollar paintings. While no one is saying that you should give up your dreams (and you shouldn’t listen to the negativity and doubt), you should absolutely get a day job. Not only will the day job fund your ambitions, but there are important skills that you could learn during your day job, no matter if you work as a barista or a retail associate. Mesh practicality with your ambition and you’ll be surprised how quickly you’ll achieve your dreams one day!

7 Unconventional Ways To Land Your Dream Job

5. Strike up a conversation with a stranger

Everyone needs coffee. Everyone needs a drink at the end of a long day. Many people attend the gym. You go to many different types of social settings where you are surrounded by strangers. You could be waiting in line at Starbucks next to a famous music producer or an extremely successful publisher. Don’t be afraid of striking up a conversation with a stranger. You will not only learn a great deal about the different walks of life, but you might just stumble upon a stranger with great professional connections. You just never know who you might accidentally run into!

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7 Unconventional Ways To Land Your Dream Job

6. Don’t discredit the small accounts.

Everyone starts out small. You get little jobs here and there but in your mind, you might discredit these accounts or jobs as experience, exposure, or just a simple paycheck. That does not mean you should slack off. Remember that you are doing customer relations, even here, even right now. These small accounts could turn out to be make-or-break moments. You never know who your clients know or whether they have future work they could want you to do. Get these jobs done right and build a great foundation for yourself and your career.

7 Unconventional Ways To Land Your Dream Job

7. Just work!

Jobs can be few and far in-between. Don’t sit around and twiddling your thumbs! This is your passion and your dream. Your clients shouldn’t dedicate when you can enjoy your passion. Go gather some friends and have an impromptu photoshoot in the park. Work on that novel that you’ve been dreaming about in your head. Draw out some comics to keep your drawing hand warmed up. Make sure your passion is still your passion and not just your job. Your best work can come from spontaneity and excitement for your work! You just never know who could stumble upon your work or who might you run into while you’re pursuing your passion project. Your passion is always visible; make sure other people can see that!

7 Unconventional Ways To Land Your Dream Job

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