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Unconventional Valentine’s Day Date Night Ideas She’ll Adore

Unconventional Valentine’s Day Date Night Ideas She’ll Adore

Valentine's Day Date Night Ideas, Unconventional Valentine’s Day Date Night Ideas She’ll Adore

When one thinks about Valentine’s Day, the first thing that usually comes to mind is your loved one’s favorite flowers and chocolates in a heart-shaped box. But, as romantic as that is, it can get boring and predictable. Because of this romantic gesture, among other things, believers in love drift themselves away from this holiday. But, there are Valentine’s Day date night ideas that one can do for their Valentine without having to spend a lot of money that can still show your girl that she’s your everything. Below are ten fun and creative Valentine’s Day date night ideas that will sweep her off her feet.

1. Themed Dinner & Movie Night at Home

Take this classic romantic date idea and give it your own homey flair. it’d be more private setting, plus meals taste so much better when they’re home-cooked. If neither one of you want to cook, make it a pizza movie night! And, if you want to make it extra cozy, the theme could be your own personal pajama/onesie party.

2. See a Movie at the Drive-In

Ah, the drive-in. One of the many fun Valentine’s Day date night ideas for you and your other, as well as family/friends. And, nowadays, you’d be surprised how many there are, and are actually really close to you. Since the movies are best seen when it gets darker, it will most likely start to get colder. Prepare for the weather with pillows, blankets, and if you want to get more creative, you could even get matching onesies. Trust me, from experience, you’ll thank me later.

Unconvential Valentine’s Day Date Night Ideas She’ll Adore

3. Stay in Bed All Day

With this cozy date idea, the possibilities are endless. And it’s totally up to you in terms of setting. If you prefer something a little sexier, something as simple as lighting a candle (or two, or five). And girls, this is up to you, but this could possibly be a good opportunity to find an outfit a little more risqué if you know what I mean. If comfort is the bigger picture, you could binge-watch your favorite shows/movies, or ones that you and your partner haven’t seen before. You can even make her breakfast in bed or order takeout to enjoy in your little sanctuary of pillows and sheets.

4. Go Camping

Camping with your other is a fun way to make yourselves one with Mother Earth. Especially on Valentine’s Day, there’s nothing more romantic than getting cozy underneath the stars, with marshmallows and graham crackers (with just a small pinch of cliché) on hand. And the best part is, it doesn’t have to be in a campground either. It can just be you two, a tent, and a cute little set up in your backyard.

5. Go on a Picnic

This is another date idea, also on the list of Valentine’s Day date night ideas that have always been straight-up romantic, that can go in any direction in terms of contents as well as location. Grab a blanket and a small pillow and take her to your local park with salads and spaghetti, or on a small hike to an overlook with homemade chicken wings and fruit. And if you’re of age, a little wine never hurts either. Whatever route you choose, it’s the comfy, cozy quality time that is sure for a perfect date.

6. Reenact Your First Date

This next of many Valentine’s Day date night ideas gives you all the nostalgia. Go to the same nightclub, the same restaurant (and even reserve the same table), go on that same hike/walk. Whatever it may be, it’s always nice to add a little reminiscing in your date, because it reminds you why she’s so special and how amazing it is to have her in your life. Go back to where it really all began.

Unconvential Valentine’s Day Date Night Ideas She’ll Adore

7. Play with Animals at the Shelter

No girl can resist a shelter animal giving her all the love possible in hopes of being adopted. And, sometimes, they succeed with that mission. The best part, she’d probably be in such a good mood for the rest of the day, it’d make the rest of your Valentine’s date all the more memorable. And, I’m sorry, but if a cute puppy jumping for joy doesn’t put you in a happy mood, then there is something wrong here.

8. Watch the Sunrise/Sunset

What better way to start or end your day than getting comfy with your special one? The lights and colors that come with both works of Mother Nature. Or, if one or both of you have to work all day, it could work with you leaving the house a little early to catch the sunrise. Either way, you can never go wrong with having wine and chocolates on hand.

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9. Have a Spa Day

What’s great about this next date idea is it can go in one of two directions: at a nice day spa in your area, or in the comfort of your own home (or one of your homes if you live separately). Either way, you and your partner will be receiving some very much-earned pampering. Make your skin glow with facials, get massages to loosen those tense muscles, even get your nails done. And, trust me, guys get mani-pedis too.

Unconvential Valentine’s Day Date Night Ideas She’ll Adore

10. Book a Hotel/Airbnb

If your idea of an ideal date just consists of private, quality time with one another, then this next of many Valentine’s Day date night ideas will do exactly that. Especially if you still live with your parents or have one or more roommates. And, you don’t have to stay there all day if you don’t want to. It can be a private place to come back to for the night, even if it’s only 10 minutes away from your residence.

11. Go Ice/Roller Skating

One of the older trends of Valentine’s Day date night ideas, chances are since it is the holiday of love, the joint will already be decked out with pink and red hearts, adding more cheese to the mix. Which, I’m sorry, doesn’t make it not adorable for this love-themed holiday. Plus, with ice skating, the extra cold might be a lead to a cozy end to the evening.

Which of these Valentine’s Day date night ideas would she enjoy the most? Leave a comment below!

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