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10 Uncommon Careers You’ve Never Heard Of

Everyone has heard of a doctor, lawyer, and dentist. And sure, these occupations are great career options, but maybe you’re searching for something a little more, unconventional? Perhaps you have always loved building Legos, or maybe you swear you can communicate with dogs! Put your unique skills to good use and choose an uncommon career! So read on to learn about 10 uncommon careers that pay well. Who knows, you might just find your passion! 

1. Lego Master Builder

Who said Legos were just for kids? With this uncommon career, you get paid to build Legos, plain and simple. As a Lego Master Builder, while you do get to see the marketing side of Legos, you are mainly creating all of those amazing models and installations you see at Legoland! So bring your inner child out and become a Lego Master Builder. Yeah, it doesn’t get much cooler than that! 

2. Personal Shopper

If you are head over heels in the fashion industry (yes, pun intended) then this job is for you! Spend your days as a personal shopper and give your clients the scoop on the latest fashion trends. As a personal shopper, you really need to know the best products to purchase and be able to assist with exchanges or returns. Personal shoppers are often employed by boutiques and department stores, although nowadays you can work completely remotely online! 

3. Ethical Hacker

I solemnly swear I am up to no good… if you graduated with a degree in computer science or IT, then this is for you! As an Ethical Hacker you will be, legally, hacking into devices, computers, and systems to test out an organization’s technical defenses. Especially in this ever-growing virtual world, more and more companies are looking for Ethical Hackers to help detect the vulnerabilities within their systems. So put your mischief to good use and become an Ethical Hacker! 

4. Winemaster

As a Winemaster, you’ll finally be able to relate to Michael Scott when he said at the Dinner Party, “That has sort of an oaky afterbirth.” Winemasters are best known for pursuing a deep and wide knowledge of the wine industry. So if you’re interested in the production, marketing, and business aspect of the wine industry, then try out this uncommon career! You can obtain your Master of Wine qualification by taking classes and spend your days surrounded by one of the most delicious beverages man has ever made! 

5. Video Game Tester

For literally every guy out there, this must be a dream job (and girls, too)! Imagine getting paid for something you already spend hours each day doing, and it’s something that you love! While it is difficult to become a Video Game Tester, once you get the gig it becomes one of the coolest jobs out there. As a Video Game Tester, it’s your job to thoroughly test (meaning play) a company’s video game before the final version is released to the public. Video Game Testers usually will have to play the game several times, from beginning to end, in order to catch any glitches the game might have. 

6. Professional Bridesmaid

Always a bridesmaid, am I right girls? Well in this case, yes, you always are! We’ve all seen 27 Dresses enough times to know that being a bridesmaid is no easy task. So believe it or not, there are some brides out there who are willing to hire the “perfect bridesmaid,” to help with more of the “behind the scene” tasks. While some Professional Bridesmaids might be hired for traditional wedding planner tasks, other brides hire a Professional Bridesmaid solely for emotional support. So if you like dressing up and helping people walk down the aisle, then this is the job for you! 

7. Pet Psychic

Yes, this is a thing. A Pet Psychic is someone who claims to connect or communicate with animals through psychic means. And no, this does not exclude dead pets. Pet Psychics aim to communicate with an animal’s spirit by reading their energy. So if you think you’ve always had a special connection with animals (in a way that’s beyond the realm of comprehension) consider being a Pet Psychic! There is a growing market of animal lovers who want more than anything to talk to their beloved Sparky just one more time! 

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8. Midwife

Ah, there’s nothing like motherhood to capture the true miracles of life. And as a Midwife, you will be no stranger to this! A Midwife is a trained health professional who helps women during labor, delivery, and even after the birth of babies. Although a Midwife is not technically a doctor, they are able to deliver babies both in a hospital or a home setting. This uncommon career can be extremely rewarding, not to mention it pays very well, too! 

9. Art Therapist

Typically, an Art Therapist is a master-level clinician who uses the process of self-expression and artwork to help clients work through their emotional conflicts. The use of expression through visual media can actually be a very powerful process. Art Therapists have been known to improve a wide range of conflicts for their clients by interpreting their art. Some forms of conflict discussed include anxiety, addictions, and improving social skills.

So get in touch with your inner artist, and go out there and help people feel better again! 

10. Greensman

This might be one of the coolest jobs out there. Do you have a knack for gardening, or perhaps you were born with a green thumb? Then use your skills on a film set as a production person who is responsible for taking care of any and all plants on set! This can include tending to grass, trees, plants, flowers, and even other landscaping materials, like sand. Not only do you get the inside scoop on the latest movies hitting the theatres, but you get to do what you love most: Grow and nurture plants! 

Do any of these uncommon careers interest you? Let us know in the comments below!

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