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Unbelievably Tasty Asian Dishes You Need In Your Life

Unbelievably Tasty Asian Dishes You Need In Your Life

Asian food has taken the world by a storm in recent years and honestly, it’s no surprise that it has become a go to for everyone who is after an exciting adventure for your taste buds. Here are some of the undeniably tasty Asian dishes you need in your life:

Pad Thai

If you are allergic to nuts, here’s some sad news for you because you can’t actually have this dish as it contains crushed peanuts. But if you are trying to make this at home you can definitely and totally skip them nuts and it would still be a delicious bomb.

It’s essentially a fried rice noodles dish with some protein like chicken, beef or even tofu. It also comes with a few light veggies and some eggs. The sweet, savoury and tangy taste is what makes this dish absolutely remarkable. This is a Thai street food favourite and it will sure be yours too.Honestly, you won’t believe all these flavours exploding in your mouth.

Unbelievably Tasty Asian Dishes You Need In Your Life

Korean Fried Chicken

Probably a must try for those who are quite conservative in terms of food choice. This is definitely an entry dish for you to start your Asian food journey. Unlike the fried chicken from chain fast food restaurant you might be used to, the Korean fried chicken is usually seasoned with a mix of salt, sugar and garlic powder after being fried.

The sauce of the Korean fried chicken is also the key to making it an absolute bomb Asian food to try. The sweet, sour and sticky sauce is honestly the soul of the fried chicken as it adds flavour to the tenderly fried chicken.

Unbelievably Tasty Asian Dishes You Need In Your Life

Chicken Katsu Curry

Chicken katsu curry is literally a godsend for those who love a bit of spice but also cannot handle spicy food at the same time. There is just some magic with the Japanese curry sauce and the rice combination. It’s full of magic and it’s honestly the most wholesome heartwarming Asian food.

Not to mention the fried chicken cutlet that would go with the curry, this dish is crunchy, wholesome, filling and it’s guaranteed to make you feel satisfied.

There are a lot of places who does chicken katsu curry these days so it’s definitely a dish you have to try.

Unbelievably Tasty Asian Dishes You Need In Your Life

Chinese Pan Fried Dumplings

You might be familiar with this dish as gyoza. They are essentially the same thing and honestly, they are just little pockets of Asian goodness. It’s crispy and juicy and honestly you cannot go wrong with these dumplings. They are absolutely great for any sort of occasions and perfect food to share with friends and family!

They are normally filled with a mix of meat and vegetables typically. But they are really versatile in the sense that you could practically put any ingredients you want.

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Unbelievably Tasty Asian Dishes You Need In Your Life

Thai Green Curry

If you have not tried the Thai green curry, you honestly have to do it soon because this is one of those Asian foods that will get you addicted. Unlike any sort of Indian curry, the Thai green curry has the signature tangy and sweet taste typical in Thai food, which makes this a perfect summer food.  This curry is coconuty and gives it a rich and creamy texture.

If you think green curry is an odd concept for you, you seriously need to try this to change your mind! This curry is typically served with rice and it’s just like a match made in heaven.

Unbelievably Tasty Asian Dishes You Need In Your Life

Vietnamese Spring Roll 

If you think all spring rolls are fried, then you might want to think again. This spring roll is clear and see through as it’s made with rice noodle spring roll sheets. The spring roll typically contains shrimps, pork and some vegetables. Be ready to experience multiple textures in one bite and you will never go back to those fried spring rolls again.

Unbelievably Tasty Asian Dishes You Need In Your Life

So here is the amazingly delicious Asian food you need to try. Comment down below to let us know what are some of your favourite Asian food!

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