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10 UMD Game Day Outfit Ideas

10 UMD Game Day Outfit Ideas

Football season is the ultimate time of year to go crazy with school spirit. As the weather gets colder, it’s super exciting to be able to pull out those warm sweatshirts, scarves, and hats. But finding a new outfit for every home game can be frustrating. Luckily, we found some inspiration on Instagram for totally cute ways to spice up any game day, warm or cold! Go Terps! Take a look at these ideas for the best UMD game day outfit ideas!

1. The Oversized Jersey

Football jerseys are obviously perfect for any fan, but the baggy cloth and slippery material make them hard to style. For an easy, cute look, throw on some color-coordinated spandex and rock it like a mini dress! Pair with high socks and sporty shoes to complete the look.



2. The ‘DIY’ Bandeau

Got a big UMD shirt that you don’t know what to do with? Try this creative idea! Cut straight across the top a couple inches above the graphic and repeat below. Then cut the back strip straight down the middle for an adjustable tieback bandeau.



3. Upgrade Your School T-shirt

DIY any t-shirt into something original and way cute with just a pair of scissors! There are endless possibilities on the web.



4. Tie-Dye Pride

Innovate the flag with a tie-dye swirl of colors and show off your hippie pride!



5. School Crop Top & Jeans

Wear a cute Maryland crop top with a jean skirt for a totally upgraded 90’s vibe that is trendy chic.



6. Overalls Over Everything

We love this creative and totally cute look! Pair some cropped overalls with a UMD shirt peeking out underneath for the perfect combo of trendy and spirited.



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7. Cold Weather Crop

When the weather gets chilly you don’t have to hide those hard-earned abs. Turn a baggy hoodie into a cute cropped sweatshirt and throw a vest over it so you can zip up if it gets chilly.



8. Classic Spirit Jersey

Woke up late and feeling super lazy? You can still look cute and spirited while staying comfy with a cozy UMD crewneck. Add some Maryland flag socks sticking out of sneakers for a pop of spirit!



9. Boyfriend Jeans & Converse

Nothing is more trending right now than boyfriend jeans, and a pair of Converse looks so cute paired with them!

10. A Beanie and Jean Jacket

You can’t go wrong wearing a beanie and jean jacket for the perfect fall game day.


With so many adorable ways to support your team, there’s no reason not to go to every game and kill it this season! Go Terps! 

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