UMass Student Instagrammers That Everyone Should Follow

Instagram is one of the most popular social media sites out there. Each account is unique and there are various reasons why people follow who they follow. But that’s the beauty of Instagram. You get to follow whomever you choose. Some people like comedy accounts, others like lifestyle pages, while others enjoy those mouthwatering food blogs. Whoever you follow, chances are you follow at least one person from your college. Since you’re already following some of your fellow UMass classmates, here are 14 other UMass student Instagrammers you need to follow!

1. Guy Junior (@guyjunior_)

This is one of the UMass student instagrammers makes us want to steal everything in his closet. Guy Junior is the epitome of a fashion icon. His outfits are effortlessly cool and classic. When you look at his page you automatically think he belongs on a magazine cover because he oozes of confidence and style. We are wondering why Vogue or GQ haven’t contacted him to be on their cover. Can they please give Guy a call already? While his photos exude elegance, his page is less about the fashion. It’s about the whole message behind his page.  Guy is about showing the world that it’s okay to be who you are despite what people may say or think.

2. Caroline O’Connor (@carolinecophoto)

Caroline O’Connor may be a name you’ve heard around UMass Amherst. She’s known for her action pact shots of UMass sports. You can find her work on the front pages of the Massachusetts Daily Collegian, UMass’ newspaper. She utilizes her Instagram to display her talented skills. Many of her shots are movement shots of different sports. She truly makes you feel like you are watching that particular moment in her shots. While sports photography is her main focus, she does dip into other kinds of photography. Her page also features some of the most adorable dog photos. If that doesn’t make you want to follow, we don’t know what will. After looking through her page you’ll want to try booking a photoshoot with her, which we recommend.

3. Ashley Olafsen (@ashleyolafsen)

In society it’s hard to have difficult conversations especially if they’re centered around mental health and body image. Ashley is using her Instagram to break through that stigma and continue these important conversations. Her page features behind the scenes looks at her projects, information about her book, and updates on life and work. She tries her best to be open and authentic by sharing about her own struggles. This is such an important page to follow and we’d highly encourage you to check out the video series she recently started on her website.

4. Helen Woods (@amherstskies)

We had to include Helen Woods’ account because it’s extremely unique compared to all the other UMass student instagrammers on this list, which are centered around people, while @amherstskies is all about nature. Just as the name suggests this page is a compilation of all the beautiful sunsets that are seen in the Pioneer Valley. Even if you aren’t in the PV area you get to enjoy the gorgeous skies wherever you go. An interesting component about this page is that it’s a submission based account. So if you snag a cool photo of the Pioneer Valley skies, you can submit it and be featured.

5. Muhammad Zahid (@mwzahid)

Muhammad was a must add on this list. His photos are beyond spectacular. He knows how to work the camera to give his photos a bokeh background, which is essentially those blurry dots you may have seen in the background of some photos. He has a way of making backgrounds just as interesting as the foreground and has a keen eye for scouting out impressive locations. One of the reasons why Muhammad shows his art is to show other brown people that it’s okay to pursue a path in the arts despite what people say.

6. Stephnie Igharosa (@imose_wraps)

In the past few years within the black community, more and more people have been connecting to their roots. One of the ways people have been doing this is through clothing. Headscarves are a big staple in various African cultures. They can be worn in many different occasions like at a party or just a day to day look. Stephnie has tapped into this market by using Instagram to promote her brand. Her page features beautifully photographed vibrant headscarves that make you want to buy one.

7. Emma Mastropietro (@irrelevantbeauty)

The name may say irrelevant but there’s nothing irrelevant about Emma’s beauty page. Emma runs an Insta page that focuses on beauty, fitness, and lifestyle with beauty being the main component. The way she features her beauty products makes you want to buy them. Some of her most liked photos feature the dazzling eye looks she creates. Just saying, we may have found our new favorite beauty guru.  

8. Nicole Zadykowicz (@slim_zady)

If you love art then you will love Nicole’s page. She’s a multi talented artist who has skills in photoshop, pottery, drawing, and more. What makes her page stand out is its spooky aesthetic featuring lots of blacks and grays. Despite the lack of vibrant color, her page speaks volumes with the talent you see. Fun Fact: Nicole sells some of her art and will soon start selling mugs. DM her for more information!

9. Erin Alzapiedi (@caf.erin)

The cool thing about Instagram is that you don’t have to be tied down to one theme when you start an account. You have the autonomy to change your aesthetic whenever you choose and that’s what Erin did with her page. Her page started as a fashion/lifestyle page but then transformed to its current stage of photography. Erin’s page is really cool because it features photography that is focused primarily around music. She takes such killer shots of musicians performing and jamming out that it makes you want to go see the music live!

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10. Krystal Kilhart (@krystal.kilhart)

Krystal’s page is one of the quirkiest pages on this list. Wherever she is she seems to find the most creative spaces to take her photos. Many of her photos feature intricately designed colorful art walls. We aren’t sure where she finds them but we want to know. Another thing that stands out about Krystal’s page is the mood it evokes. All of her photos give off a sense of peacefulness. It could be because of all the beautiful flowers she highlights. 

11. Emily Sullivan (@emilyysullivaan)

Instagram can be used for a variety of purposes. Some people use it as a portfolio. Others use it for business. Other UMass student instagrammers like Emily use it as a personal digital memory book. Her Instagram is full of her adventures she takes with her friends and family. According to Emily she tries to make her page as “aesthetically pleasing” as she can while hoping people will be “inspired to share their life no matter how they look.”

12. Michelle Arbuzova (@michellearbz)

We mentioned a male fashion icon on this list, but now we want to mention a female fashion icon. Michelle definitely has an eye for fashion which is evident by the outfits she constructs. Her style leans more on the trendy street style side, and we can’t get enough of it. Cool thing about Michelle is that she is the Vice President of @umasslookbook, a fashion club on campus. She rightfully earned her spot as the VP with all of her popping outfits. One of our mentionable UMass student instagrammers!

13. Brandon Huddleston (@brandohuddle)

Brandon Huddleston is a multi talented Journalism student who has a major passion for music. Music is evident throughout his page, as you will see by the many posts centered around his radio show and him making music. Speaking of him making music Brandon dropped an album called Lazy Summer. Brandon’s page gives off such chill good vibes and that may be because Brandon likes to post for the fun of it. He isn’t about the numbers but about posting things that he enjoys.

14. Nina Walat (@nina.walat)

Artsy is the first word that comes to mind when we look at Nina’s account. Her account definitely gives off an artistic vibe, which makes sense since one of Nina’s majors is Graphic Design. While she enjoys exhibiting her numerous art talents, the main use for her Instagram is portfolio purposes. One of the great benefits of Instagram is giving a platform for creative people to show off their skills. We can’t wait to see all the new graphic design projects Nina has in store.

Step out of your Insta comfort zone and follow these amazing UMass student Instagrammers. You might be surprised at how much better your feed will be. While you are at it give us a follow at @society19_umass to be in the loop!

Did any of these UMass student Instagrammers catch your attention? Let us know who you plan to follow in the comments below and finally add us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

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