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5 Easy UMass Dorm Room Hacks to Make Your Room More Comfy

5 Easy UMass Dorm Room Hacks to Make Your Room More Comfy

Looking to organize and free up space in your dorm room for maximum comfort? Here are five dorm room hacks for you to try!

Over the course of two years I’ve learned that dorm rooms are probably the smallest space you will ever live in. While living with a roommate might be challenging and adjusting to the space might be hassle, here are five dorm room hacks to make more space in your tiny half of the room!

1. Put dryer sheets behind your fan for a low cost air freshener

Everyone gets a funky smell in their dorm room half way through the semester whether it’s a rotting food, sweat, or just a general dorm room funk. The best way to eliminate those pesky smells without going above and beyond on fresheners is to put a dryer sheet behind your fan so you constantly have nice smelling air. Poke some holes in the dryer sheet to keep a consistent flow of air coming through the fan!

2. Use soda tabs to hang up more clothes

If you’re anything like me and have heaps and heaps of clothes that don’t seem to fit in your teeny closet, this hack is a lifesaver. String a soda tab through the hook of one hanger and hang another hanger off that one. Continue to do so until the hanger can’t bear anymore weight!


3. Loft your bed

If you’re not too keen on lofting your bed a lot, that’s ok! Evening raising it a little it can be all the difference in making a little more space under your bed to store your belongings. If you loft it a bit more you can make it into a great entertainment space with a futon and TV. There is a lot of potential if you loft your bed!

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4. Get a shoe rack and hang it off the back of your closet or door

This reduces so much space and is literally such an amazing tool! It will also keep your shoes from ending up in a mess on your closet floor.


5. Attach shower hooks to a hanger to hang all your scarves

This will keep them looking nice and unwrinkled, and you’ll be able to see them all better, too!

Will you use any of our dorm room hacks? Let us know in the comments below!

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