The Ultimate UNC Bucket List

There is so much to do at UNC, but with only four years you need a game plan. There are so many important things to add to your UNC bucket list, that you need to make sure you are aware of all of them! Without further ado here’s UNC’s ULTIMATE Bucket List full of things you HAVE to do before you graduate!

1. Drink from the Old Well before your first day of classes, duh.


2. Get on the risers for an up-close look at the basketball game… and maybe get on TV.


3. Picnic in the arboretum.


4. See a show at the Morehead Planetarium.


5. Eat a BLT at Merritts. Thank me later.


6. Take a picture with Rameses.


7. Talk to a basketball player, they’re celebs.


See Also

8. Mapleview farms ice cream in Hillsborough ‘nuff said.

9. Get your picture on the wall at Sutton’s.

10. Play for an intramural team.


11. Go to Holi Moli with your friends.

12. Sled down Skipper Bowles on a mattress when it snows.

13. Tailgate before a football game.

14. Actually participate in Dance marathon for the full 24 hours.

15. Attend a performance at Memorial Hall.

16. Eat at every restaurant on Franklin Street.

17. Take a selfie with Chancellor Folt.


18. Sneak into Kenan after it closes (streak across the field if you want a challenge).


19. Speaking of streaking, participate in the streak in Davis Library at midnight on the night before the first day of finals…

20. Find a fountain and jump in.

21. Steal a brick.

22. Halloween on Franklin Street – even if you’re claustrophobic do it once.

23. Attend a concert at Cat’s Cradle.

24. Run in the Tarheel Ten-miler.

25. Steal a cake from the dining hall on LDOC.

26. Protest something just because UNC.

27. Go to the basketball museum.

28. Climb the Bell Tower and sign it your senior year.




What are some other things we should add to the UNC Bucket List? Comment below and share this article with friends!
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