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The Ultimate UD Bucket List

The Ultimate UD Bucket List

To save you the trouble of reading this article, the University of Delaware is kind enough to provide a real-life bucket list to its freshman class at the twilight induction ceremony. It’s that kind of consideration you get for tens of thousands of dollars a year. It consists of 17 gold, 43 blue. If you’re a current student, shoot for blue. If you’re super ambitious and the senioritis is already hitting hard, feel free to tack on those golds, too. I’m going to use the official #UDBucketList as my guide. Don’t we all? Keep reading for the ultimate UD bucket list!

Visit the UDairy Creamery!

Skipping over the gold (so sue me, I’ve been here a month), we turn to the blue. At the top of the list: “visit the UDairy Creamery.” Let me be the first to say that this school has its priorities straight. Not even gonna lie, the Creamery is probably what put UD over the edge for me. I visited the campus on a beautiful day, my tour guide was awesome, and I got overall good vibes, but…holy COWS?! That’s right, the UDairy Creamery uses milk from the cows on the farm at the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources to make unreal flavors such as 1923which – bonus! – alludes to UD’s inaugural Study Abroad program.

While you can find UDairy in the dining halls, the selection isn’t nearly as exciting as at the Creamery. Don’t be that person who can’t tell All Nighter from Delaware River Mud Pie. That’s just embarrassing. And if your parents are anything like mine, they’ll be pleased to know that they even sell freezer bags for that take-home UDairy. Does your local fro-yo bar do that?


Attend a non-football sporting event.

The next item on the list I’d like to endorse is “attend a non-football sporting event”. And, OK, so it was mandatory for my First-Year Seminar class. BUT – it ended up being the peak of my college career thus far. Women’s Ice Hockey was having its breast cancer awareness game in the Fred Rust Ice Arena (conveniently located next to the UDairy Creamery). Please be advised: if you attend an event there, and plan on staying in the bleachers, BRING A BLANKET. You could tell who the rookies were. Anyway, this game turned out to be the most intense thing. And P.S.? The warnings on the boards that say, “watch out for flying pucks”? Those are no joke. No less than three times in the first two periods did spectators almost get taken out by just that, and once by the puck ricocheting off of the rafter. Sit with caution.

Because it was a breast cancer awareness game, there was a fundraiser, and that was the Chuck-A-Duck Challenge. $1 got you one rubber duck, or one shot at a cone at the center of the rink. The two closest ducks won prizes.


Your Chuck-A-Duck CHAMPION (you can’t make this stuff up) won $46.50 that night, and your Fightin’ Blue Hens won 3-1. So I’d say definitely attend a non-football sporting event, because who knows? You might make enough cash to buy a heavy-duty blanket and some protective eye wear for the next game.


Participate in 1743 welcome days.

The first thing new students are exposed to on campus is 1743 Welcome Days. First of all, get the app. 1743 Welcome Days. It tells you what, when, and where everything is, and there’s a lot that goes on those first few days, almost all of it free. Like Lil Bob Late Night. Human hungry-hungry-hippos? Count me in! Or the late-night pancake breakfast. Sensing a theme? Bet you didn’t know that Blue Hens were nocturnal. There’s too much excitement during 1743 Welcome Days to sleep!


Attend UDance!

Having never had the opportunity to attend UDance, I can’t speak to the actual event, but from what I’ve heard, UDance is a must for your UD bucket list. Everyone on campus goes – there are buses to the Big Bob, where it’s held – and for twelve hours, a dance marathon takes place to raise money for the awareness of childhood cancer. Fundraising starts as soon as the school year does and is a year-long effort. The committee works so hard to ensure that this is a successful event, with every year more so than the last. Clubs, sports, fraternities, and sororities are some of the organizations that form teams to raise money in the hopes of earning the honor of having a “hero”. UDance is supposed to be life-changing in the best possible way, and not going is not an option. I’ll see you there!

Get fresh produce from the farmer’s market at Mentor’s Circle.

Alright, these final three items are my own additions. Really, I figured it was only fair to put some work into this.

In its last week of operation, because when else, I discovered the on-campus farmer’s market. Save for rain, the market is run around Mentor’s Circle and yes, they do take both points AND flex. Not that the prices are anything to get upset about; quite the opposite. One carton of raspberries was $3, and an equivalent amount of blueberries was $4. (I think. It actually may have been less? Today at the P.O.D., raspberries were $4.99 for a carton half that size.) And darn it if those berries weren’t the ripest in Delaware! If berries aren’t your thing, maybe fresh vegetables are? Whole pies?! Food trucks?!?


Stop by the market and indulge. It’s a better use of points than whatever is manager’s special at Dunkin.


Take advantage of Perkins Live!

I go to Perkins Live! every Friday night and seriously, you should too.

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Even if you go out after, stop by – if only for the free stuff. But also, check out what the show is that night, because you might be really interested. I personally can’t wait for Loni Love (October 14th) because she’s been on Ellen and six degrees of separation says if I meet Loni Love, I’ve met Ellen. Right? Right. Plus, she’s pretty darn funny.



Another perk (pun intended) to Perkins Live! is the aforementioned free stuff. Most recently, Build-A-Bear provided plush animal carcasses and stuffing, Perkins Live! t-shirts, adoption certificates; the works. In the past the giveaways have been spray-painted pendants, personalized key chains; you name it.

AS IF all the entertainment and materialism isn’t enough…there’s food too? And each week, the food is specific to a theme?! Themes like coffeehouse (pastries, coffee) and camping (s’mores cupcakes, rice crispy treats, make-your-own trail mix, hot chocolate). I can’t stress enough – it’s all FREE. You could see one of your favorite comics as part of your UD bucket list!

I’ll see you there, too.


Go dining hall hopping (If you have the unlimited plan).

I find myself regularly taking pictures of the food in the dining halls to send to my family. Because how else would they believe me? The food here is unbelievable. I highly recommend the Freshman 15, even though you probably don’t want it on your UD bucket list. And the best way to get there? Dining hall hopping! Can’t decide between the menus at Russell and Caesar Rodney? Why not both! Note that this is exclusively for those with the unlimited plan, which if you don’t have, you should get on ASAP. Twelve meals a week can go away real quick when you’re using one for dinner and one for dessert.

Create your own bucket list!

Here you have my suggestions, but college is all about getting what you want out of it. Are you set on doing something during your time at UD that isn’t on this not-so-comprehensive list? Do it! Within reason (and legal parameters), it should be, at the very least, a good story. Get out there and start your UD bucket list!

What do have planned on your UD bucket list? Comment below and share the article!
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