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The Ultimate UCF Bucket List

The Ultimate UCF Bucket List

1. Go to Knight Library.

Don’t let the name fool you; it’s not a library, but a club. The club is right across from campus. I’ve seen people walk there (it’s that close) but I wouldn’t suggest walking back from it if your night was a little too fun. The club has great music to dance to and if you go with a group of friends you’ll definitely have a great time. Don’t wear your good shoes, though, because there’s booze all over the floor. Got with sneakers over sandals and basic Vans over Yeezy Boost 350’s.

2. Attend Spirit Splash.

Spirt Splash is an epic event at UCF that everyone must attend at least once. This event takes place during UCF’s Homecoming Week and everyone gets so hyped for it. Here’s how it works: everyone stands around the Reflection Pond, and when the beat to a song drops, everyone goes running into the pond. And what’s the point of this? To get a homecoming rubber duck. It may sound lame, but only about 400 ducks are thrown out to the crowd. That’s not a lot in comparison to the 60,000 students that attend the school. If you get a duck, you’re royalty. Some people even sell the duck online for hundreds of dollars because it’s just that important to us.

3. Step on the Pegasus in the Student Union (but not before you graduate).

Legend has it that if you step on the Pegasus, you won’t graduate. If you’re tempted to step on it, don’t. One day the ropes weren’t around it and this girl visiting from USF (our rival school) walked all over it. It was so quiet you could hear a pin drop; that’s how serious this is taken. The ropes aren’t always around it so always be very careful when in the Student Union.


4. Go to the Leisure Pool.

The leisure pool is one of two pools available to students on campus. This pool is great when you want to tan or hangout with your friends. There’s a volleyball net in the pool and a basketball hoop on the side. There’s always great music playing, hammocks to hang in, and a plethora of seating choices. Every once in a while, parties are hosted here and they’re so much fun. The parties include free food, occasional movies, games, and much more.

5. Go to a football game.

Football games are a must. Talk about free stuff – free stuff here, free stuff there, free stuff everywhere. At football games cute hand towels are handed out that are shaped like a football jersey, Knightro bobble heads are given away, and you can even get some pompoms to cheer on the team from the stands. Game days are the best days. After you pick up your free gifts at the entrance, you can head on into the game and cheer on the football team. Everyone is so pumped for the game and it’s a great atmosphere to be in.
Wear shorts, a t-shirt, a hat, and maybe sunglasses, because Orlando is very hot and humid during football season.

6. Attend Pegasus Palooza.

Pegasus Palooza is UCF’s official welcome week. It happens at the beginning of every fall semester and includes a lot of fun activities to participate in. Pegasus Palooza is a week full of social, academic, and service activities for students to get acquainted with the UCF campus, meet people, and have fun.


7. Attend a tailgate.

About three to four hours before a football game starts, everyone will meet up in Memory Mall (a big grassy area on campus). There are a bunch of games to play, drinks to drink (if you’re not of age, you can get a fine!), and a great opportunity for you to socialize with your friends and meet new people. This event is so important that, if game day is during the week, classes after noontime are cancelled.

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8. Participate in Homecoming Week.

Participating in Homecoming Week is a must and if you’re a UCF student, everything is free. Aside from the above mentioned Spirit Splash, there are many other events that take place during Homecoming Week. Some of the events include Skit Knight, Concert Knight, and Comedy Knight, plus performers like Big Sean. Homecoming Week is the best week of the school year because there is always something going on.


9. Attend Universal Knights.

Universal Knights is when UCF students are able to get into Universal Orlando for free at night. The park is closed down for all of the UCF students and we have the park all to ourselves. UCF hands out free tickets for this events and, although the lines are pretty long, it’s worth the wait.

10. Graduate.

College isn’t all fun and games; you’re there for a reason. So while participating in all of the fun activities I’ve listed above, make sure you put aside time for work. Work hard, play hard. Walk across that stage and go step on that Pegasus in the Student Union. You’ve earned it.

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