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5 Tips to Survive UA Rush

5 Tips to Survive UA Rush

Alabama is the biggest Greek school in the nation which makes it difficult for girls going through recruitment. Here's 5 tips to survive UA rush!

We all know that the University of Alabama is the biggest Greek school in the nation; however, sometimes we forget that also means it is the hardest school to rush in the nation. I went through the recruitment process at UA last year, so I have learned a number of tips and tricks that can make your rush week so much easier. Keep reading for 5 helpful tips to survive UA rush!

1. Do yourself a favor, and do not read any Greek blogs.

I didn’t read any throughout the entire week or leading up to rush. I highly recommend doing this because then you will know exactly what you love without anything else influencing it.



2. Change into flip flops between houses.

It will make your life running from house to house so much easier! It is also so hot out. Be prepared to get a little sweaty while speed walking. I would recommend holding your hair up as you walk so that it doesn’t get gross!

3. Wear a good deodorant.

Make sure that you put on plenty of deodorant because the last thing you want is for the girls in the house to say that you smell. You will thank me later for this.

4. Plan outfits ahead of time.

Make sure that all of your outfits fit properly and that you have everything you need for the week. The last thing you want is for your dress to fit weird or to not have the right bra for a certain top.

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5. Last but certainly not least, be yourself.

You want to end up in a house that loves you for you!

Do you have any other tips for students attending UA rush? Comment below and share this article with friends!
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