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The Ultimate Party Guide to Temple University

The Ultimate Party Guide to Temple University

The majority of college students love to party (and have been partying since high school), but to newcomers, this is the ultimate party guide at Temple!

Located in the heart of North Philadelphia, Temple University is known for having wild parties. Whether you’re outside mingling in a crowd on Gratz Street or just hanging inside an apartment, Temple parties always have people talking. The majority of college students love to party (and have been partying since high school), but to newcomers: here are a few helpful tips to sum up what the night life is like at Temple. Definitely keep reading if you need a party guide for Temple!

1. There are four types of parties.

Frat parties, house parties, apartment parties, and exclusive parties.

These categories don’t necessarily require definitions, and some of them are similar. However, it’s important to know that there is a basic difference between having a night out with friends at The View versus going out with a group of people to KDR. Apartment parties can also be really fun, but they’re a little more reserved…similar to exclusive parties. The crowd will tend to be familiar for people who have connections to the owner of the place.

Frat parties and house parties are loud (sometimes borderline obnoxious so be prepared), and they can quickly run out of beer. They’re a lot of fun when you want to get super trashed and enjoy being surrounded by a large crowd but since not everyone is comfortable in that type of environment, some people prefer apartment parties instead. Also, almost every type of party has jungle juice…so that’s a perk for people who enjoy that.



2. The alcohol…

Please drink with caution!

As mentioned above, frats/house parties serve beer, jungle juice, or sometimes other alcohols. Certain places charge for alcohol, but there’s almost always going to be some drunk person who happily offers up their alcohol before you have to buy any. However, PLEASE take caution if you decide to share alcohol, especially if you don’t know the person. Bringing your own alcohol is usually the best bet.

3. The people…

You’ll find every type of person at a Temple party.

For the most part, people tend to be pretty friendly when they’re drunk and will mind their own business. Do remember that people have no filter when they’re drunk, and that can be really entertaining, but there’s always going to be a group who gets too out of control.


I’ve seen fights at many parties before, but people don’t tolerate them. Hosts most often try to end the argument immediately and kick them out. People come to parties to have a good time, so don’t bother getting violent. Hookups and drug dealing do take place but that rarely gets out of control. In all honestly, most people don’t give a shit what you do at a party. Maybe one or two people will have that high school personality but the majority of the people could care less.


4. When to party…

Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays are the main nights of the week for going out.

However, there are people who party any day of the week when they get the chance. It won’t always be something huge like a house, but with the amount of freedom of college, some people either don’t care or think they can handle it.

Since I don’t know any of you, I won’t tell you what’s best or what’s stupid because that’s up to you. Your schedule and major determines a lot of what you can fit in, but if you think you can handle all the fun then do it. If you don’t think you can, then don’t. It’s not a big deal if you spend a couple weekends studying or doing something else other than partying.



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5. No one is going to judge you…

You should do what YOU want to do at Temple.

…which hopefully is commonly smart/safe decisions. Don’t let people intimidate you. Everyone experiences college differently but we all go through a lot of the same situations.


If anyone is going to judge you, it’s going to be that one kid who can’t let high school go. We’ve all been there when it comes to making mistakes or doing something stupid, and it is all a part of the college experience. In fact, more people will be there for you and will tell you how they can relate to your crap than anything else.


Remember: have fun in college and don’t let fear of people’s opinions stop you from having fun!

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