The Ultimate SBU Bucket List

This may sound crazy, but those four years of college — you know, the ones that everyone says are supposed to be the best four years of your life — actually go by in a blur! I still can’t believe that I’m already going to be a college junior. Of course, we all want to make sure our college experience is as fun and as memorable as we can make it. If you aren’t sure where to start, here’s a SBU bucket list of things to help you make your college years at Stony Brook super memorable.

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1. Participate in Roth Regatta.

And by “participate” I mean get in a cardboard boat and sail across the pond!

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2. Visit all the tables at Earthstock.

I promise, you will definitely see something you don’t see everyday!Image result for Earthstock


3. Go to the Seawolves Showcase.

It’s how you can discover talented student groups while you watch them perform.

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4. Take the LIRR to Port Jefferson.

And visit some adorable shops while you’re at it.

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5. Go to Holi.

Share the love and become your very own rainbow with the colored dust #newprofilepic!

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6. Order midnight burritos.

Because it’s humanly impossible to pass up $2 burritos (your meal plan will thank you for it!)


7. Try Bubble Tea from Jasmine.

Do tapioca balls inside flavored tea intrigue you? Give it a shot!

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8. Become Red Watch Band certified.

After you’re trained, you’ll actually understand the meaning of ‘every second counts.’

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9. Run/Walk the entire length of Circle Road.

You might even add this to your work out routine!

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10. Ladies, sign up for the Pink Gloves Boxing class.

Don’t leave college without realizing how much of a bad-ass you really are!

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11. Pose for a picture with Wolfie.

This is literally profile picture #goals.

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12. Go to a TEDxSBU talk.

It’s almost like going to an actual TED Talk!


13. Go to an RA event.

Whether you make a mug cake, carve pumpkins for Halloween, or just play board games with your residence hall, you’ll have lots of fun!

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14. Pet a chipmunk on campus.

You can also choose to pet a bunny, but I’d advise strongly against petting the geese or deer…

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15. Study in the Math Library.

Right after you get lost in the hallways on your way to the Math Library!

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16. Go to Brookfest.

Free t-shirts, live music, and an excuse to dress up!


17. Sign up for a bartending class.

One of the most unique certifications you’ll ever have as a college student!

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18. Wait in line for Midnight Breakfast.

Fair warning: you might also want to bring some study material for those finals while you wait.

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19. Eat all you can at Saturday Brunch.

Seriously, eat all that you can.

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20. Take a picture with the bamboo stalks near the Wang Center.

They add a surprisingly chill vibe.

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21. Watch a movie on Staller Steps.

There’s nothing like huddling with hundreds of other students for a movie, getting cold in the middle of it, and then half jogging, half shivering back to your dorm room!

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22. Graduate!

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Can you check anything off of this ultimate SBU bucket list? Share and comment below!
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