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The Ultimate Rutgers University Bucket List

The Ultimate Rutgers University Bucket List

A new year at Rutgers is right around the corner. Whether you’re a freshman or a returning student, here are 12 things you must do before you graduate! Keep reading for the ultimate bucket list for Rutgers University.

1. Go see a Rutgers football game.

Students can get free tickets through the lottery (usually everyone who applies gets a ticket). Each game gives out free things and it’s just fun to root for your team.



2. Complete the fat sandwich challenge and get one named after you.

It’s kind of gross, but how victorious would you feel to have a fat sandwich named after you??



3. Go star gazing at the astronomy tower (Thursdays 9pm).

Located on Busch campus right in front of Hill Center. The Astronomy building is open got star gazing at 9pm on Thursdays.



4. Do the tower jump at Werblin.

Werblin Recreation Center has an Olympic sized pool. They throw an event called the tower jump, and you can jump off the highest tower into the pool.


5. Picnic at Passion Puddle.

Passion Puddle is one of the prettiest places on campus. During Fall and Spring the scenery is really nice and it’s also a great place to have a date with that special someone.



6. Go to the beach!

Long Branch Beach is a really short drive from Rutgers. It’s one of the best beaches in the area and the sunrise is beautiful!


7. Drink at Stuff Yer Face.

Class thing to do when you turn 21. Go get a fishbowl and drink responsibly!



8. Participate in Dance Marathon.

Dance (or stand) on your feet for 32 hours to raise money and awareness for Embrace the Kids Foundation.


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9. Meet Stan.

One of the best bus drivers at Rutgers. He drives the LX and gives the best advice and motivation for life.



10. Attend King Neptune Night.

Unlimited amount of lobsters, crab legs, shrimp, and so much more seafood.


11. Study Abroad!

Rutgers gives you so many options to study abroad. It’s a really great experience to have and you should have the opportunity when you can!



12. Go visit Philly and spend your day there.

We live really close to Philadelphia and New York City! You can take trains to either one and spend a day or two on a little vacation.



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