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Ultimate Road Trip Guide To SunFest, West Palm Beach

Ultimate Road Trip Guide To SunFest, West Palm Beach

Ultimate Road Trip Guide To SunFest, West Palm Beach

Sunfest is coming up on May 2 to May 5 and it is time to get your posse ready for a road trip. Every year, Sunfest is held in West Palm Beach, Florida in the first week of May featuring art galleries and musical performances alongside event activities.

This musical and art festival is going to feature well-known names in the music industry and bring your favorites down to the waterfront. Check out the 2019 Sunfest Lineup schedule on the website.

Ultimate Road Trip Guide To Sunfest, West Palm Beach

The road trip there is another huge aspect of the journey, so you have to make sure you are prepping yourself for the festival on the way to the venue.

Assemble Your Posse

Getting your friends together for a road trip is a really heavy selection process. You want to make sure you bring your outgoing and excited friends who are willing to go with you, not the ones who do not feel any interest in music or art and who do not enjoy the scene. Do not pressure anybody to go with you! Bring people who actually want to go for the ride.

Also, arrange with the entire group what bands everybody wants to go see and what events everybody wants to attend. You will all have so many issues in the festival if you do not arrange it, so plan ahead of time.

Ultimate Road Trip Guide To Sunfest, West Palm Beach

Choose A Mode Of Transportation

Talk to your friends and figure out how you will arrive to the festival. Whether you take a plane, a bus, or a car, you have to arrange how long the ride is going to take and all the details of the trip. If you take a bus, make sure that you all get the same bus passes and arrive on-time. If you drive your own car, make sure to arrange parking beforehand and to figure out who is going to make the drive, or if you all will switch places as driver.

Ultimate Road Trip Guide To Sunfest, West Palm Beach

Get Comfy!

At Sunfest, you are going to walk A LOT and use your voice A LOT, so take it easy on the car ride there. If you are not driving, try to take a nap and relax on the way there. If you guys want an active car ride, make sure you are all able to handle it. You can even bring pillows and blankets if you want. Overall, the experience is in both the road trip and the festival itself, so it is up to you on how you want to spend both aspects of the trip.

Ultimate Road Trip Guide To Sunfest, West Palm Beach

Know Your Lineup

Again, make sure to check out the lineup on the website and know the schedule you are going to see. You may have to pick and choose between artists to go watch, so arrange it beforehand. Along with that, listen to those band’s songs on the car ride there to hype yourself up for the performance.

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Take A Pit Stop

Try to take a break before you arrive, so take a pit stop and stretch out. Go to the bathroom, go get some snacks, and refill your gas tank because I guarantee you that many gas stations will be filled on the way back. You will need this time to have a break before heading to the festival.

Wake Up Time!

Get hyped 30 minutes before arriving to the festival. Listen to your favorite songs from the lineup, wake up everybody in the car, and be up and ready! You need to especially make sure you are awake right now because parking is going to be a multi-person job.

Ultimate Road Trip Guide to Sunfest, West Palm Beach

What do you do on road trips? Are you ready for Sunfest 2019? Tell us in the comments!

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