The Ultimate Ranking Of Ohio State Dorms

The Ultimate Ranking Of Ohio State Dorms

For all you incoming freshmen out there who just finished their housing contracts, now begins the eager waiting to find out where you’ll be spending your time on campus. Below I have created the ultimate ranking of Ohio State Dorms – some you’ve probably heard of, and some not so much.

The Good

Bowen/Torres House

Built in 2014-2015, these dorms just opened last year, housing only one round of students so far. Torres and Bowen are housed on north campus, closer to the science buildings as well as High Street. If you get Bowen, you’re on the corner of High and Lane, right next to Buffalo Wild Wings and Noodles and Company. Both of these housing options feature junior lofted beds, suite style options (two people per room in a multi room suite) and of course, air conditioning. If you get these, consider yourself lucky; the most you’ll have is one other roommate and six other suite mates.

Blackburn/Nosker/Busch Houses

These dorms are BRAND new. Having walked past the construction many times during the school year, they follow the same plan as those listed above, with the added advantage of never housing residents before. All three are also located on north campus, near the new workout facilities currently under construction, and of course High Street (meaning other options for food than dining halls). With Blackburn, you end up right next to Scott house, which has a dining hall and coffee shop built into it.


Smith-Steeb/Park- Stradley

Though not on north campus, Park-Strad and Smith-Steeb are located on south, and both are only a mere block away from Chipotle. Smith-Steeb and Park-Strad may not be brand new like those mentioned above, but they are far from old. South campus is often referred to as party central, so if that’s your thing and you end up here in July, I guess the housing lottery was in your favor. Though limited in food options, both are close enough to the union that there will be no excuse for you not to try the infamous Sloopy’s. If you end here, LOFT YOUR BEDS. It’ll give your more storage space than you thought you could have in a double, which is all these two offer.

Scott House

Having been assigned here for the upcoming year, I can understand why one would want to live here; Scott offers suites as well as doubles. The best part about Scott is not the rooms however, it’s that the dining hall is built right into it. Scott houses Traditions at Scott, a two story brand new dining complex that is far better than any other dining hall on campus. Scott also houses a coffee house, Connecting Grounds, so you don’t even have to leave your dorm to go get your morning pick me up. Combined with its location on north, if you end up in Scott, thank your lucky stars. The only downside? The walking distance from Adriatico’s Pizza.



The Bad

Lincoln House

Do not let the name fool you, Lincoln House is not actually a house, rather just floors 15 to 23 in Lincoln Tower. Yes, tower. The two towers at OSU have been around longer than anyone cares to know. However, Lincoln is not all bad. Lincoln, compared to Morrill only, houses students on certain floors, as the first 15 are vacant offices. There are not nearly as many kids living together, and the elevators more often than not stay functional. The best part of Lincoln (having lived there myself) is its suite style set up. You will be assigned to a suite, where (though you may only have one roommate if you’re lucky), you’ll have up to 14 other suite mates. The worst part about Lincoln is that you can end up in a quad, with four people to one room. But you learn how to stay organized. As far as bad dorms go, if you end up in a double in Lincoln, you have more space than any of us in doubles elsewhere; and you’re close enough to the RPAC, that you have no excuse not to go. It’s not great, but it’s also not that bad.

Mack Hall

Though it offers super doubles, Mack has one defining characteristic that makes it one of the worst dorms on campus: no air conditioning. Though it’s located right next to Marketplace on Neil and Adriatico’s, with Ohio’s unpredictable weather, having no air is a huge downside. Mack is also pretty far from essentially everything, as it’s located on the edge of med campus and the very end of south.

See Also


Baker West

Also housed on south campus, do not let the location fool you. Baker West was deemed one of the worst dorms after this year’s roach infestation. Though it may appear resolved, there is of course no guarantee they will not return to one of the oldest dorms on campus.


And the dorm that will you make you ask, “why me?!”

Morrill Tower

By far the worst dorm on campus. Though it’s right next to the Shoe, it’s so far from everything else, not even that makes up for it. Not only is Morrill a hike from everything (except the RPAC), it’s so old, it once housed Jeffery Dahmer. Located at the very end of west campus, you will end up taking the buses everywhere, or risk being late if you walk. Morrill is set up the same as Lincoln, only they are not generous with the doubles in Morrill. It’s mainly quads, and you’ll end up wondering why this dorm is still around and what you did to deserve this. Nothing works, and the Traditions at Morrill gives off a high school cafeteria vibe so strong, you’ll end up avoiding it at all cost. The only plus about Morrill is the suite style and of course, its C-store and coffee shop on the first level. If you can survive a year in Morrill, you can survive anywhere.


So when the emails begin to arrive in July, may the housing lottery odds be ever in your favor.

Which of these Ohio State dorms did you live in? Share your dorm experiences in the comments below!
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