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The Ultimate Ranking Of High Point University Freshman Dorms

High Point University is known for its amazingly beautiful campus but, have you ever taken a moment to look at the housing options? Typically, as a freshman, you are the low man on the totem pole but, at High Point University this is definitely not the case. Check out a Ranking of HPU’s freshman housing options!

1. Blessing Hall

This option takes the number one spot by a landslide. The rooms are set as an apartment style where you typically have four single bedrooms, a kitchen, a living room, and two baths. You have your own bedroom. Enough said, right???

2. Wanek Center/UC2

These rooms are a tab bit more traditional but still extremely nice. They have full sized beds, so say good bye to struggling on a twin size bed! The bathrooms in these dorms have granite countertops and plenty of room for four girls to get ready with. The storage in these dorms is incredible. The beds come with under the bed storage and the room has a wardrobe in it. It’s insanely nice.


3. York Hall

York is in an extremely convenient location but, it is only honors living. If you can get in, it is just like living in Blessing! Fall 2017 York will be changed from honors living to just regular housing. Good luck getting a spot there, the competition will be HOT.

4. Belk Hall

Belk is an extremely cool place to live because you can have up to eight roommates. There are four rooms with two students in each, a shared living area, and a shared bathroom. Sports teams and media fellows typically take up most of Belk but, if you’re a social butterfly and you can get a place in Belk then it would be a great place to live. Students enter their rooms from an outside balcony where they are provided rocking chairs and a view of the WOM-COM. During holiday seasons students decorate their balconies. It’s definitely a lively location.

5. WOM-COM (womans complex)

The woman’s complex is a traditional style dorm complex. There’s nothing extremely special about it but, there is also nothing too negative to say about it. They are located right beside a library so making it to a tutor is never a problem and, they have an extremely pretty lawn area with a swing and patio tables. It’s obviously all girls and each girl lives with a roommate and has a hall style bathroom. It has its perks but, it also has its down sides.

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6. Millis

Millis is yet another traditional style dorm that you don’t hear much about. It is a hike to get to Millis and not an ideal place to live. You never hear many people raving about it. In the fall of 2017 it will become an all-male dorm.


7. Finch Hall

Oh Finch. Finch is an all-male dorm and it is the place to be. It is traditional style but there are zero complaints about it. Finch is the party hot-spot and the hookup capitol of HPU. In the fall of 2017 Finch will become the honors dorm. HAHAHA. Those of us who attend HPU will always know it as the rowdy all boys dorm. The entire place is crawling with bacteria and frightening germs but it is an absolutely incredible dorm. If I were a college boy, I would want to live in Finch.

So there you have it, a ranking of all the extraordinary places to live your freshman year at HPU!

Which of the High Point University freshman dorms did you live in? Comment below!
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