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The Ultimate Ranking Of FSU Dorms

The Ultimate Ranking Of FSU Dorms

Are you wondering which FSU dorms are the best? Lucky for you, we have a ranking from best to worst. You'll find the right one for you!

So, you want the details of where to live on campus at FSU? You clicked on the right place! Discover the pros and cons of each residence hall, from which places to avoid because they have mold to which dorms have the perfect view and party atmosphere. Rankings are in order from best to worst! Without further due, here is the ultimate ranking of FSU dorms!


Within these halls you are upgraded to a kitchen and a living room. Even though each hall has different layouts and versions of privacy, it’s a step up from freshman living. That being said, one of the four Ragans halls will be allowing freshman residences starting the Fall of 2016!

1. Ragans

I may be a little biased since I lived here my sophomore year, but I can honestly say that I loved my time at Ragans. You are minutes from the stadium, both gyms, and the movie theater. Also, if you have a lot of classes located on Mount Diffenbaugh, I suggest to always use the bus system provided to you on Jefferson Street. Housing four separate rooms with a shared living room and a kitchen might seem small for those living off campus, but it’s the perfect amount of space. One con is that it is difficult to move in and out since it’s not very wheelchair accessible. When choosing your specific room, I suggest you try and get a higher floor. You’ll get a much nicer view compared to the bottom floors view of trash bins. Yuck!


2. Traditions Hall

This FSU dorm is the most expensive apartment style hall on campus and is located right next to Ragans. It is directly across the street from the beach and wellness center, too! Traditions hall houses two students per dorm (who receive their own bedroom), but a shared bathroom, living room, and kitchen. It’s practically an amped up Ragans. Even though it is a nice living situation, you are mainly paying the majority of your money to the convenience of living on campus.


3. McCollum Hall

Located on the northwest side of campus, this FSU dorm is the closet residence hall to campus besides the beloved pizza join,t Momo’s. McCollum is one of the four apartment style halls on campus. Ranging from $3,030 to $3,690 a semester, you are given the option of either sharing an apartment between 4 or having your own bathroom and bedroom. If you opt for the shared 4, just keep in mind that even though it’s considered a “town house” you will not have your own separate room. Aside from the living situation, the area is convenient if you’re a part of the S.T.E.M program since most of the buildings are located nearby.


4. Rogers

This FSU dorm is the cheapest apartment hall on campus and still allows you the ability to share a bedroom, while having a kitchen and living room. In short, it’s a glorified dorm that is outdated since it was built in the 1960s. Located right next door to McCollum, it’s great for those who still want to live on campus for a reasonable price but are a S.T.E.M major. Apart from that, it’s a bit of a walk to get to any other side of campus. So, say goodbye to leisure visits to Landis Green, but hello to the newly renovated Starbucks at Daric.


Within these hall options, which are usually highly populated with freshman, residences will be sharing bathrooms with up to five people. Each hall has their own personality, ranging from required meal plans or not at all.

1. Dorman & Deviney Hall

Newly opened in 2015, these dorms are secretly the heart of campus. Located between both Landis and the Stadium residences, these halls are always aware of what is happening on and around the university. Also, it is right in front of a parking garage and the all-night Dennys. Overall, its one of the most convenient locations.


2. Gilchrist Hall

Located right beside Landis, you have a good chance of getting a really nice view of the Green from your dorm without being considered an honors student. Also, built right across the street from the Sweet Shop you might be constantly hyped up on coffee, but at least you’ll have the perfect study spot marked down and reserved for finals week. This FSU dorm requires a meal plan, so you have the ability to get to and from Suwannee on a rainy day without ever getting wet from using the connecting arcades. Here is a tip: Suwannee exit that goes through the Johnson building.

3. Cawthon Hall

Another Living Learning community, this hall houses both the Music and W.I.M.S.E (Woman In Math Science Engineering) programs. It is the closest dorm to both Strozier and Chick-fil-A, so it’s good for those who like late night study sessions at the library or a good chicken sandwich. For those not a part of an LLC, it might be slightly strange as classrooms are seen within the halls and it’s also the location of the maintenance offices for the university. So, people who aren’t necessarily a part of the hall will be in and out of the building all the time. If you’re a bit of a partier, this dorm is perfectly in-between Tennessee Street and College Avenue. Also, its almost always filled with music due to the living learning community.


4. Broward Hall

Apart of LGB (Landis, Gilchrest, Broward), Broward is a great freshman hall. Close to both sorority row and Landis, it’s easy to keep up with what’s happening around campus. But sorry guys, Broward is the new Jennie Murphy, meaning it’s a girls-only residence hall. Right beside Suwannee, a meal plan is required for each person living within the area.

5. Wildwood Hall

Away from most of the other freshman dorms, this hall is good if you don’t want a meal plan. A bit of a party hall, this building also houses most of the incoming student athletes of FSU since it has a close proximity to the stadium. It is also the living learning community for both nursing and social justice. Plus, if you plan on having your car on campus this building is within close range to most of the parking spots at the university.


6. Landis Hall

The most famous hall on campus is available only for incoming honors freshman. Almost guaranteed with a great view of the green, this FSU dorm is the perfect freshman home. Not so much a party hub, this hall is quiet and has some classrooms located within the building.

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7. Bryan Hall

Bryan is the closest hall to the Ruby Diamond Concert Hall and the iconic Westcott Fountain. With this being in such close proximity to the fountain and College Avenue at night, it might get a tad bit loud from the people starting to wonder back home from Pots Thursday night Purgatory. Also a Learning Community, this hall is only provided to freshman and students involved in the program.

8. Jennie Murphree Hall

One of the biggest halls located on the east side of campus, this building used to house only girls. A meal plan is required and it’s the second closest dorm to Strozier. It’s also the dorm closest to Dunkin Donuts. So, if you prefer to run on Dunkin instead of Starbucks this might be your place.


9. Reynolds Hall

The Pre-Health Living Learning Community is located right next door to Suwannee, making a meal plan mandatory. Housing mostly freshman, this location is great since it’s located nearby most of the classrooms for most freshman courses and is already on the top of Diffenbaugh.

10. DeGraff Hall

This FSU dorm is the party dorm on campus and located on the opposite side of Tennessee Street, right next door to  McDonald’s and the Strip. If you’re someone who’s a bit scared of walking alone on campus, this hall isn’t for you.You have to walk through a dim lite tunnel to reach your hall that is surrounded by gates. But on the bright side a meal plan is optional, so instead you can spend all your grocery money on McDonald’s dollar menu!


11. Salley Hall

The eldest suite-style hall on campus, this building will most likely be the next to go for construction. Located away from the heart of campus, this is near Fresh Foods but doesn’t require a meal plan. I would still suggest a meal plan when living in this building because only two kitchens are provided for a hall that holds 570 students. One of the cool things of this suite is that you are given a shared study space instead of a connecting bathroom, which can be seen within the rest of the suite-style halls. Don’t get fooled by the floor plans though. It might look spacious, but it’s not. You will be given bunk beds and most likely this bed will block the window. However, people who love to be social and have a sense of community tend to love their time here. But take note that this dorm is known to house mold.

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