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The Ultimate Ranking of Freshman Dorms at the University of Iowa

There are no best dorms because everyone seeks different qualities in dorms. But I’ll rank them according to their efficiency. There will also be newly built dorms on campus in Fall 2017. Therefore, I will include them, too. Here is the ultimate ranking of freshman dorms at the University of Iowa!

1. Catlett Hall

This is the newly built dorm on the main side of campus. It has its own kitchen, gym, and dining area. Since the dorm is newly built the rooms are fresh and clean. Most of the freshman classes will be on this side of campus, therefore you should not worry about being late to class.

2. Currier Hall

Currier might not have its own kitchen or dining hall, but it has its own gym and computer lab downstairs to get social. Currier is also only two minutes away from Burge Market Place and very close to downtown. It also has a hotel decor to feel fancy.

3. Daum Hall (Honor Housing)

Daum might not have a gym, dining hall, or kitchen, but it is connected to Blank Honor Center on the 4th floor. Burge Market Place is only two minutes away and it’s super close to downtown. Since everyone is an honors student, everyone will be competitive, which will motivate you to aim higher.

4. Burge Hall

Burge might be the biggest and oldest and known as “Dirty Burge,” but if you are looking for the crazy freshman experience and party hard, this is definitely the dorm for you. It has all the people you want to meet and wish not to meet. But Burge also has its own dining hall, game place downstairs. and it connects to Daum too.


5. Hillcrest Hall

Hillcrest might not be an alternative location for freshmen because most of the classes are on the east side, but Hillcrest has its own dining hall and hangout space. If you’re the type of person that studies at the library, you can also go to the law library near Stanley and University Hospital.

6. Petersen Hall

Petersen might not have everything other dorms have, but it is decorated like a five-star hotel on the other side of campus. You have also got a high-class marketplace downstairs, shared kitchen, and big individual study rooms. But is definitely the most expensive dorm on campus.

7. Mayflower Hall

Mayflower is in the middle of nowhere and nothing is around you, but it has bigger rooms and a shared kitchen with less the price. Mayflower’s flex meal system opens up to 11:00 p.m. at night and it has its own study lounge and computer lab downstairs.

8. Stanley Hall

Stanley is another dorm that is on the east side of campus. It might not have its own kitchen, gym, or market place, but it is a small and concentrated dorm. It is also two minutes away from Burge Market Place, and close to most of the classrooms and buildings that held lectures.

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9. Slater Hall

Slater is on the west side of campus and closest to the hospital, but it is small and old. There is no gym, kitchen, market place, or computer lab, however it’s only two minutes to Hillcrest Market Place. A lot of upperclassmen are around this area to be more connected to the hospital.

10. Off-campus housing

In the beginning of the school year many students want to live in dorms, but housing is short. The school might send you to off-site housing campus, but these are a lot more expensive than just renting a house. You also don’t get as connected as living in dorms.

What’s your personal ranking of freshman dorms at the University of Iowa? Comment below!
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