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The Ultimate Ranking Of Freshman Dorms At Clemson

The Ultimate Ranking Of Freshman Dorms At Clemson

Are you trying to find out which freshman dorms at Clemson are the best? Fortunately, we have a ranking of all the dorms from best to worst!

As the time approaches to request dorm preferences, here is the ultimate ranking of freshman dorms at Clemson. All of the residence halls have their pros and cons, so people often have varying opinions on how they rank. But, no matter what dorm you end up in, dorm life is definitely part of the college experience and can be as good or bad as you make it. So here’s to a year of shower shoes and dining hall meals.

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1. Core Campus

Considering these buildings aren’t even completely built yet, incoming Clemson freshmen and honors students will be the first to live in these dorms. These dorms are located on west campus, which is arguably the best side of campus because of its close proximity to downtown, Fike, and the stadium. Core Campus dorms also have easy access to the new dining hall and other retail dining options such as Starbucks, Raising Cane’s, Twisted Taco, and Which Wich. This residential complex is 260,000 square feet of housing, dining, and meeting spaces. These dorms are number one in the rankings, because who wouldn’t want to live in a brand new dorm that has never been used before?

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2. Holmes & McCabe

If you aren’t #blessed enough to live in the brand new dorms, Holmes & McCabe are the next best thing. These dorms are also located on west campus, meaning that they’re close to downtown, Fike, and the stadium as well. Holmes & McCabe are suite-style dorms, which means you don’t have to deal with communal bathrooms. The rooms house two students per room and two rooms (four students) sharing one bathroom. These residence halls are also co-ed, giving you a chance to meet a variety of people.

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3. Bryan Mall a.k.a. The Horseshoe

Bryan Mall, more commonly known as “The Horseshoe,” has five residence halls that house first-year students. There is one low-rise – Mauldin – and three high-rises – Byrnes, Lever, and Manning. The Horseshoe is located on east campus, so it isn’t as close to downtown, Fike, or the stadium. It is, however, in close proximity to Hendrix Student Center and Wendy’s (which is open late). Byrnes, Lever, and Manning are arranged in suites of six or seven rooms with two communal baths on each floor. Byrnes and Lever are home to traditional first-year students and first-year students participating in the RISE program. Manning Hall is a high-rise that houses only girls.

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4. The Shoeboxes

Five residence halls – Cope, Young, Benet, Sanders and Geer – make up what’s known as the “Shoeboxes.” Each residence hall is long and rectangular, hence the name. These residence halls are very small and much older than other dorms on campus. The good thing about the Shoeboxes is that they are located on west campus and are extremely close to the stadium and the new Core Campus dining hall.

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5. Johnstone

Johnstone is located behind Tillman Hall, placing it in a very prime location on the Clemson campus. It is the closest residence hall to downtown and still in close proximity to Fike and the stadium. Johnstone is an all-male dorm with communal bathrooms and no carpeting. Some people say that Johnstone resembles jail or army barracks. While this may deter male students from requesting to live in Johnstone, it’s really not as bad as it sounds.


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 Which of these freshman dorms at Clemson is your favorite? Comment below!
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