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The Ultimate Ranking Of Dorms At Providence College

The Ultimate Ranking Of Dorms At Providence College

Are you looking for the best dorms at Providence College? We have the ultimate ranking of dorms from best to worst. You'll find the right dorm for you!

Dorm life makes up a large part of the college experience. You don’t want to get stuck with a bad dorm room, especially during your freshman year. Check out the ultimate ranking of dorms at Providence college to help you decide which living situation is best for you.

Freshman Dorms


1. McVinney

This all girls freshman dorm is the tallest on campus. Everyone wants to live in McVin. The only downside is that you literally live in a shoe box. There is no room in the doubles and most don’t have dressers.

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2. Meagher

I lived in Meagher (pronounced MAR) my freshman year. The rooms are huge, but you’re in a triple. The lounge is nothing to brag about, but I loved Meagher because it was small, but it felt like I was living in a palace compared to McVin and Ray.

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3. Raymond

These rooms are definitely bigger than McVinney, but not by much, and you’ll be in a triple in there. The biggest plus of Ray is that it’s connected to the dining hall, so on cold and rainy days you just have to pop downstairs while everyone else has to trudge across campus.

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Disclaimer: I know very little about the boys’ dorms at Providence College, because PC has single sex dorms. Everything said below is due to legend and quick glimpses here and there.

1. McDermott

This is one of the best dorms at Providence College location-wise; it’s right on the quad and a few feet from the library. It has a rep for being a rambunctious dorm, and every year we hear stories of vomit, fire alarms going off, broken tiles, and countless fines.

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2. St. Joe’s

I’ve been in this dorm the most, and I have to say the rooms are very nice. It’s located near the dining hall and close to lower campus, so if you have classes there, you’re set. This dorm has mostly triples, but there are a few quads which have their own bathrooms that are really nice.

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3. Guzman

Or more affectionately known as “scuzzy Guzzy.” It’s located right on Huxley, and is the center point of campus. The biggest downside (besides being called scuzzy) is that it’s at the base of Guzman hill, so every morning will start with a hike up a mountain (it’s a tiny incline, but it feels like Everest).

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Sophomore Dorms

1. Suites

They are aptly named because they are indeed suites. There are four person or six person suites with kitchenettes, two or three bedrooms, and one or two bathrooms. This is the place to live sophomore year, and 90% of the building is sophomores. They are REALLY nice and if I could go back, I would have tried to live there my sophomore year. They are also the place to party for sophomores and have great tables for “water” pong.

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2. Bedford

Located directly next to Suites, this is a four person apartment building. It is the only apartment building open to sophomores, and very hard to get into. There is a living room, a full kitchen, two large bedrooms, and a bathroom. It’s quite the apartment, and I recommend trying to live here if you can!

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3. Aquinas

Oh AQ. What is there to say about AQ? It looks like an insane asylum, and the bathrooms are not the greatest. That being said, I am so glad I lived here my sophomore year. I made great friends, and our floor was like a little family. Our room was spacious and livable. As far as traditional dorms go, this is a great one because it’s all sophomores, and there is the AQ cut through; so you can skip walking around the building on your way from Ray to Civ!

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4. St. Joe’s

Some sophomore boys live in Joe’s, typically on the higher floors and in the quads.

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5. Meagher

Like Joe’s, Meagher has sophomore and freshman girls. It’s probably last on the list of ideal sophomore dorms at Providence College.

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Junior & Senior

1. DiTraglia

You won’t get this apartment building as a junior, because it’s the best located six person apartment building. It’s essentially identical to Mal Brown and Cunningham, but located directly across from the Chapel; so it’s in prime location to everything on campus.

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2. Mal Brown

Right next to Ditrag, this is the next best junior/senior housing option. Most juniors won’t live here either, because it goes so quickly in the senior lottery. There are three spacious double rooms, a kitchen, a living room, a dining area, a bathroom with two showers, toilets, and sinks in this large on campus apartment.

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3. Cunningham

This is the newest six person apartment building, but it’s located right on Huxley, so its location is not ideal for someone who has to be in Al-Mag, Harkins, and Ruane. The apartment is identical to the other two, but the penthouse view is amazing because it overlooks the city of Providence in prime location (I am actually living on the top floor of Cunningham for my junior year).

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4. Davis

This is another four person apartment building located right next to Bedford. This has mostly juniors and the occasional senior. The lounge is super nice and students often use it for group meetings. Like AQ, there are two doors, so there is a cut through from lower to upper campus. The apartments are slightly bigger than Bedford, and since it’s mostly juniors, it’s more coveted than Bedford during junior year.

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5. Bedford

Some juniors who did not get six person apartments – and Davis was already full when they went for their lottery time – live in Bedford during their junior year.

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6. Suites

Suites tend to be the last resort during junior year, because it’s mostly sophomores living there. It is on the far side of campus, and by junior year, the commute and lack of full kitchen isn’t worth the luxury of suites.

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7. Fennell

Honestly, Fennell is not one of the most ideal dorms at Providence College. It’s located at the far end of campus and consists of mostly singles. It’s kind of known to be a weird place, and because so few kids live there, a ghost town.

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What are your favorite dorms at Providence College? Comment below!
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