Ultimate Ranking of ASU Residence Halls & Dorms

We have the ultimate ranking of ASU residence halls and dorms, so you're sure to find the right dorm for your freshman year!

At a huge university such as Arizona State, the opportunities for housing are endless. ASU has four different locations that each carry their own unique atmospheres. With such a diverse range of housing options, it is important to look at the details that make each residential hall great. Here, we list the best ASU residence halls that Arizona State University has to offer.

1. Manzanita

Pros: Nice bathrooms, recently renovated, gym

Cons: Busy elevators, occasionally loud lounges


Overview: If you are going for the hotel-feel, Manzanita Hall might suit you. Dorm rooms come with microfridges and large windows, which all add to the comfortable feel of Manzanita housing. Each room is shared, yet slightly divided for a little touch of privacy between you and your roommate. There is a basement for students to play games and relax, as well as student lounges on every floor with awesome views and friendly atmospheres. Manzy dorms have a modern flair that all students desire.

2. San Pablo

Pros: Cheaper in comparison, walk-in closets, bigger rooms

Cons: Noisy courtyard, squeaky elevators, looks like a prison


Overview: Yet another residential building for a Sun Devil at heart, San Pablo provides housing for the CLAS (College of Liberal Arts and Science) Academy. This residential community is unbelievably close to the stadium, as well as Wells Fargo Arena– the perfect setup for anyone participating in Camp Fargo. It’s also near College Avenue for when you get sick of the dining hall food. San Pablo’s dorms don’t have bunk beds which makes it an even more desirable place to live on-campus.


3. Century Hall (Polytechnic)

Pros: Quiet for studying, larger rooms, nice price


Cons: Far from Tempe, not a lot of activity surrounding campus

Overview: Located on the Polytechnic campus, Century Hall offers spacious rooms with a gorgeous view of Arizona’s sunsets. These rooms are suite style with a shared bathroom which includes TWO sinks. There are also student activity lounges on each floor to play table tennis to your heart’s desire. While Century Hall is not based at the busy Tempe location, it is a hidden gem that is well-enjoyed by its residents.

4. University Towers

Pros: Awesome view, full kitchen, close to Sun Devils’ Stadium and Wells Fargo Arena


Cons: Slightly outdated, less sociable halls

Overview: If you’re an engineering major and also a freshman then you might enjoy living in the UT. These dorms are suite-style with an apartment vibe and are equipped with all the essentials: couch, kitchen, and entertainment center. If you get tired of your cozy dorm room you can check out the residential building’s swimming pool or volleyball court. You’ll also be in close proximity to Sun Devils’ Stadium and Wells Fargo Arena which is always a plus for a proud Sun Devil!

5. Taylor Place (Downtown)

Pros: Urban feel, smaller community, downtown activities


Cons: Crowded elevators, less dining options, lacking the university feel

Overview: Taylor Place dorms are divided into two connected towers: one with a shared bathroom and private bath, and one with private bedrooms and private bath. In simpler terms this means no communal bathrooms and no suitemates! While Taylor Place is on a smaller campus, its close-knit community sets up a fun and sociable environment for anyone trying to make friends. There is also plenty to do in Downtown Phoenix whether it be hitting up Chase Fields for a D-Backs game, or checking out the sights and sounds at the First Friday Artwalk.


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6. Hassayampa

Pros: Fun environment, sociable experience, clean

Cons: Lacking in academic experience, pricier


Overview: This ASU residence hall is home to the students enrolled in the W.P. Carey School of Business, Hassayampa is known for its social ambience and lies adjacent to the Student Rec Center. Students housed here are often amiable and outgoing which makes it easy to make friends. This residential building is additionally close to Barrett the Honors Complex, which makes it easy to find a place to study when you want to get away from Hassy’s excitement. Overall, the dorms here are suitable for the socialite at heart and will not disappoint in means of liveliness.

7. Barrett the Honors Complex

Pros: Close-knit community, quiet, nice amenities

Cons: Not as sociable, mixed majors


Overview: Known for its spectacular dining options, Barrett the Honors Complex is not just a residential building, but an actual community full of activities for its residents. Not only does it offer multiple study spaces throughout the complex, but it also features a rooftop garden, amphitheatre, and fine dining hall affectionately known as the “Harry Potter room”. On top of that, there is an abundance of courtyards and other nice places to take a breather from all that intensive studying. Altogether, it is the perfect housing for someone in search of the full university experience.

8. Vista Del Sol

Pros: Social events, apartment-style

Cons: Expensive, cheap fixtures, hard to sleep-in (DJ’s on Saturdays!)


Overview: I had to include Vista Del Sol somewhere on the list. Although the Vista Del Sol community is considered as apartment housing, it is still right on the Tempe campus and is the eye of every ASU student’s desire. You can begin living there as soon as sophomore year if you are a Barrett Honors Student. This unique set-up includes a balcony, kitchen, living room, multiple bathrooms, and private bedrooms. Living in Vista Del Sol will never bore you, as there are always events at the conveniently-located pool. It’s a perfect living space for the luxury-minded.

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