The Ultimate Ranking of Appalachian State Dorms

There are some stressful factors that come into play when you are about to head off to college for the first time. But navigating and choosing where you live shouldn’t be one of them. Keep reading for the ultimate ranking of Appalachian State dorms to make sure you are in the know- whether it is your freshman year or not!

1. Appalachian Heights

$2,557.50 / $5,115.00
Room Size: 909 square feet

At the top of our list is Appalachian Heights, an apartment style dorm on the west side of campus. Here you’ll share a room and bathroom with one other person, and a kitchen and living room with three. Since there is a full size kitchen, cooking utensils, pots and pans and cooking supplies are a must. Each apartment is equipped with amenities such as a walk-in closet, a full size refrigerator and the chance to purchase a parking pass at the lot nearby. Location wise, this dorm is a hike from some department buildings, which can be problematic during the winter seasons.

2. Summit Hall

$2,557.50 / $5,115.00
Room Size: 18’6” by 12’

Second on the list is Summit Hall, a suite style dorm in the heart of campus. This dorm is a short walk to any building on the east side of campus and conveniently located beside the Student Union. In this dorm, you’ll share a room with one person and a bathroom with three others. Those who stay in this dorm should remember to bring cleaning supplies for the bathroom since there is no cleaning crew or parental unit to do the job for you.

3. Mountaineer Hall

$2,557.50 / $5,115.00
Room Size: 27’4” by 12’6”

Mountaineer is a hotel style dorm, featuring a bathroom in every room. This dorm is a hike much like Appalachian Heights. Mountaineer also features a large recreation room with a pool table, flat screen tv, and ping pong table. The rooms are rather large, so you could potentially buy a futon or a comfortable chair for your room. Another neat feature of these rooms are personalized air conditioning and heating.

4. Living Learning Center

$2,457.50 / $4,915.00
Room Size: 21’4” by 11’6”

The LLC is another hike up a ton of steps but, totally worth it for the spacious rooms and community atmosphere. This dorm is another suite style, but houses a kitchen and study lounge on each floor. Since there is a kitchen on each floor, you can purchase supplies and try out your skills or lack there of.

5. Appalachian Panhellenic Hall

$2,557.50 / $5,115.00
Room Size: 23’1” by 13’8”

The APH is a little farther from main campus than the other dorms. However, this dorm is in an old hotel with super spacious rooms. The appeal of this dorm is the larger suite style and living near your fellow sorority sisters. In the main lobby is a convenient market and large study area with a television, but the kitchen is small. The rooms are large enough to house a futon and other small furniture items.

6. Newland Hall

$2,457.50 / $4,915.00
Room Size: 14’2” by 11’11” or 20’11” by 13’10”

Newland Hall is another suite style on the west side of campus and a short walk to the stadium. The location makes it a prime spot for game days, but the rooms in half of the building are smaller than those on the other half. Suite style dorms are nice because of the bathroom within the room, but don’t forget toilet paper, since the university does not supply that for suite style rooms.

7. Lovill Hall

$2,392.50 / $4,785.00
Room Size: 16’ by 12’5”

Lovill Hall is a larger dorm on the east side of campus and the first of six fairly similar residence halls. The rooms in Lovill are air conditioned and carpeted, and large enough to house a futon and numerous other small furniture items, making it one of the nicer traditional style dorms on campus. Shower shoes are a must for the common bathrooms on each floor and a vacuum would be a beneficial purchase.

8. Hoey

$2,392.50 / $4,785.00
Room Size: 16’2” by 12’4”

Hoey Hall is similar to Lovill with air conditioned rooms and similar room sizes, also on the east side of campus. The rooms here close automatically so instead of stealing the doorstops from the bathroom, you may want to invest in a weighted doorstop instead of being locked out of your room at an unfortunate time.

9. Cannon Hall

$2,392.50 / $4,785.00
Room Size: 15’10” by 12’

Cannon is very similar to the two previous dorms. There are common areas on every floor right off of the elevators. These spaces can be loud at night if your room is nearby. Cannon like the other two dorms are all conveniently located on the east side of campus, right near the main road. The location makes for an easy walk to campus and local restaurants nearby. And again, don’t forget shower shoes.

10. Cone Hall

$2,392.50 / $4,785.00
Room Size: 15’8 “ by 11’11”

On the east side of campus, Cone Hall is another traditional style dorm. Each floor has a study room and the main floor lobby is larger than most. Cone is also one of the newer dorms on campus so generally they have faced less wear and tear.

11. Doughton Hall

$2,392.50 / $4,785.00
Room Size: 16’ by 12’5”

Another dorm on the east side of campus, Doughton is almost identical to the other four dorms ahead of it. This is a traditional style dorm with loftable beds. If you choose to loft your bed, invest in functional under the bed storage for your specific needs.

12. White Hall

$2,392.50 / $4,785.00
Room Size: 16’ by 12’6”

Rounding out the last of the nicer traditional east side dorms, White Hall is an all female hall with similar amenities to all of the other east side dorms. With any dorm, you can make it feel more “homey” by adding pictures to the walls from home, fairy lights, or quirky posters, all of which you can find for cheap prices online.

13. Belk Hall

$2,392.50 / $4,785.00
Room Size: 14’8” by 10’6”

Belk Hall is located on the west side of campus. It is another traditional style dorm with common areas and a lobby with a television. Unique to this dorm is a sink in the room, which can be convenient for the times you don’t feel like visiting the common bathroom just to brush your teeth. Since there is a sink in the room, you may want to buy hand soap. Living in dorms makes it easy for germs to spread and having a soap with a scent you prefer in your room, will make staying healthy a little bit easier.

See Also

14. Frank Hall

$2,392.50 / $4,785.00
Room Size: 15’11”

On the west side of campus, is Frank Hall. If you live here, you’ll have a quick walk to the stadium on game days, but you may want to buy ear plugs for those early morning band and football practices. The rooms in Frank are similar to those in Belk, with sinks and common areas on each hall.

15. East Hall

$2,237.50 / $4,475.00
Room Size: 17’9” by 13’

Although it is the oldest dorm on campus, East Hall has rather spacious rooms and make for an excellent place to stay- IF you can handle the ghosts. Each room has a sink and a Microfridge, but there is no air conditioning or elevators. You should definitely invest in a box fan, or three since it can get pretty toasty at times.

16. Justice Hall

$2,237.50 / $4,475.00
Room Size: 17’11” by 12’11”

Justice Hall is a lot like East Hall but on the other side of campus- and without the ghosts. Justice is the closet to all of the dining halls, Quinn Recreation Center and close to the stadium, but has fewer amenities. There are no common areas on the floors, no elevators or air conditioning. An alternative to the box fan would be a standing fan, or a clip on fan that you can attach to your bed to cool you off as you’re sleeping at night.

17. Eggers Hall

$2,170.00 / $4,340.00
Room Size: 17’3” by 11’

Eggers Hall is the all female, traditional style dorm on the west side of campus. The furniture in Eggers is fixed, so you can’t rearrange anything. There is no extra space for a futon or any other furniture, but the rooms are equipped with a MicroFridge, which is a plus.

18. Bowie Hall

$2,170.00 / $4,340.00
Room Size: 16’6” by 10’

Bowie can be cramped, so don’t bring excessive furniture or decor. However, the closets are spacious. Like Frank, Bowie is close to the stadium so expect excessive noise on game days and practices.

19. Gardner Hall

$2,170.00 / $4,340.00
Room Size: 15’6” by 10’8”

Gardner Hall rooms are small, but the connecting lobby into Coltrane makes for a unique community feel. The rooms are equipped with a MicroFridge and the beds are bunkable, which allows for more space.

20. Coltrane Hall

$2,170.00 / $4,340.00
Room Size: 15’6” by 10’8”

Lastly is Coltrane, on the west side of campus. Nearly identical to Gardner, Coltrane is very small, with beds that are not bunkable, but loftable. These rooms are equipped with a MicroFridge. Your first purchase should be a fan, since the rooms are so small, you’re practically living on top of your roommate, which can make the not air-conditioned rooms unbearable at times.

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