The Ultimate Northeastern University Bucket List

The Ultimate Northeastern University Bucket List

Even with a co-op, your years at Northeastern University go by fast! There are so many fun things to do around campus and in Boston that it can be hard to keep up. Keep reading for 11 things you should cross off of your Northeastern University bucket list before you graduate!

1. The Underwear Run!

Starting off with the obvious, Northeastern’s annual Underwear Run is the one chance to gallivant throughout the streets of Boston in your skivvies and jump into the famous reflecting pool without getting cited for public indecency. If this isn’t on your Northeastern University bucket list, you’re doing something wrong. Intentionally held during parents weekend at the end of October, a little liquid blanket will come in handy to both keep you warm and forget the fact that you’re actually subjecting yourself to running a full two miles—kudos for killing two birds with one stone by working out AND partying! Bonus points for crowd surfing during the pre-run pump up party.

2. Get written up for something dumb by the RAs.

It’s bound to happen eventually whether its on your Northeastern University bucket list or not. Whether it’s for a noise complaint, pre gaming in the dorms, or being put on probation for refusing to take down your Christmas lights, there’s a high chance that you’re going to have at least one run-in with the law during your freshman and sophomore years at Northeastern. Say hello to your new best friend OSCCR and hold on tight ‘til the years of living off-campus and not having to deal with signing in, strict rules, and ever-present RAs.


3. Get a selfie with President Aoun.

It’s basically a requirement before you graduate to get the famous #aounselfie—which he is 100% going to request that you put it on Twitter and “tag me!” The beauty of the elusive Aoun is that you just never know when you’re going to stumble across him, quite likely wandering around campus surrounded by his posse of Very Important Northeastern People. You could be makeup-free in your sweatpants, Dunkies in hand, on your way to your 8 A.M. Friday lab, but if you spot a wild Aoun in his natural habitat, you better chase him down for that selfie because who knows the next time you’ll get this opportunity?



4. Schedule a semester with Tuesdays and Fridays off.

Northeastern’s class schedules can be pretty sweet if you try hard enough (especially if you’re in the business school). For this reason, it’s quite possible to get both Tuesdays AND Fridays completely off. What could be better than perpetual three-day weekends and going to class for less than 50% of the week? Sometimes, the odd Monday 8AM will be unavoidable, but in other instances—if at first you don’t succeed, try, try, try again (and pray every day until that one perfect class time opens up).

5. Eat at Top of the Hub.

The Top of the Hub is serious #dategoals–besides the yummy food you’ll get to chow down on, you’ll get a view of your school that is totally unbeatable (go at sunset for the best sights). Also a great place to take your parents when they’re in town, the Pru is a staple in every Northeastern student’s “Family Dinner Spot Because I Am Otherwise Too Broke To Afford It” repertoire.

6. Party on a rooftop!

You haven’t lived if you haven’t played a game of flip cup with a stunning view of The Pru looming over your debauchery and providing the perfect backdrop for cute ~insta~ posts. Ideal for spring darties and summer kick-backs, access to a roof should be the #1 thing you look for when you start the dreaded off-campus house hunt in early Spring. If you let it leak that you have the golden keys to a roof deck, prepare to make a lot of new friends that will be suspiciously eager to come over and just hang. They’re definitely friends with you for your roof.


7. Catch a concert in AfterHours.

More often than not, concerts in the dimly lit and weirdly-adjoined-to-Starbucks AfterHours can come with a seriously awkward atmosphere. However, once in a blue moon you’ll be able to catch one of your low key favorite artists playing at this venue for free, where you can be a mere 6 inches from them for the duration of the concert. My first week at Northeastern I saw one of my favorite reggae artists, Collie Buddz, at AfterHours. Aaron Carter even performed here last year! You may see one of your favorite bands perform her for your Northeastern University bucket list!


8. Go to Steast drunk.

When Spring rolls around and the ever-sought after Darties are abundant, it is inevitable that you’ll find yourself at Steast WAY drunker than socially acceptable for 6 PM. It’s okay, embrace the wonderful cornucopia of unlimited cookies and greasy pizza, laugh in the bathroom with your friends about how you’re barely holding your shit together, and if you’re feeling super adventurous, stick your head directly under the soft serve machine. Because who has time for bowls?

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9. Have at least one Boston Marathon Darty!

You’re not a true college student in Boston, let alone at Northeastern, if you don’t wildly day drink for Marathon Monday at least once. Definitely another requirement for your Northeastern University bucket list. Round up your friends and grab your flasks, prepping for a long day of cheering at passing runners and feeling a little guilty as you notice the stark difference between those who chose to spend their day running 26 miles and those who chose to get blackout drunk and later on spend $60 on Papa John’s takeout. To each his own.

10. Go to a hockey game.

Oh, the bittersweet Northeastern hockey game. Yes, it’s our best sport. Yes, it’s sort of fun to sing along with all the students to “Stacy’s Mom.” Yes, you’re going to freeze your ass off. It’s one of those things that you sort of have to go to once just to say you did, and then probably never look back (or try a basketball game next!).


11. Go on Jews Cruise!

Every year on the last day of classes, you’ll be able to take a break from the beloved sticky floors and sugary jungle juice of Mission Hill and upgrade to the most looked-forward-to party of the year, Jews Cruise. Forget about your average DFPS (Designated Frat Party Shirt) and don your cutest cocktail dress in preparation for partying the night away on a huge boat out of Boston Harbor with nearly everyone you know.

Be warned: Although pregaming is encouraged, make sure you’ll be able to keep your alcohol down because getting sick on that boat will suck A LOT—there is no way off (or dry, stable land) until the party is over.

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