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The Ultimate Loyola University Chicago Bucket List

Attending Loyola University Chicago was one of the best decisions you could have made! Now, your new goal is to complete this ultimate Loyola University Chicago bucket list before you graduate (yes, it is completely necessary). Best of luck!

1. Pull an all-nighter at the Information Commons (IC).

Even though you probably won’t do this just for fun, you may have to before midterms and finals. However, the stress of acing your classes can definitely be eased by the view. Just grab a comfy seat facing the lake, start working, and before you know it you will get to see the most breathtaking and humbling sight—the sun rising over what seems to be a never ending pool of water.


2. Take advantage of campus recreation.

Because LUC doesn’t have a football team, it’s really easy to forget that it does in fact have state of the art sport equipment for recreational use. Between rock climbing, swimming, and even renting outdoor equipment like kayaks and tents, there are plenty of intramural activities that all students can partake in.

3. Get Insomnia Cookies after midnight.

It’s pretty simple. There is an Insomnia Cookies on campus and your probably love cookies. Spend a night in with some friends and order cookies to have delivered at your dorm, watch movies, and just unwind.

4. See all the free movies you can.

LUC’s Damen Student Center houses it’s very own movie theatre run by a student organization called the Department of Programming (DOP). Every Thursday and Friday night, the DOP puts on a free movie showing for students that is selected through a survey of what students what to see. Many movies that are shown aren’t even out on DVD yet.

5. Explore different cultures and religions.

Despite LUC being a Jesuit/Catholic institution, all religions are welcome and celebrated. The Department of Multicultural Affairs (DMA) is always open to having discussion about race and faith, and students of all backgrounds are invited to attend masses at the campus church or any other religious gatherings at their respective place of worship, five of which are located in the Damen Student Center.

6. Attend a Loyola 360 retreat.

All first year students at LUC are invited to attend a Loyola 360 retreat during their first or second semester on campus. This is a couple night get away where new students can get to know each other and make connections that last throughout their college and post college years.

7. Study abroad!

LUC students are very lucky to be going to a school with three international campus—located in Rome, Vietnam, and Beijing. Whether your spend a summer or a semester there, the experience in unparalleled and will allow you not only to travel, but take classes that are different from the ones offered in Chicago.

8. Take a radio station shift at WLUW!

Students, no matter their major, have the amazing opportunity to be a part of Loyola’s very own radio station where they can play their favorite music and even talk on the air for a little bit. It’s easy to get involved and picking up a shift just to try it often leads to many staying involved for all of their college experience.


9. Go to Loyola University Museum of Art.

Free to all Loyola students, LUMA is a “must-see” of Loyola’s campus offerings. With cultured exhibits and easy access via train, there is no reason art lovers shouldn’t be visiting LUC’s very own art gallery.

10. Go to sports games.

Loyola may not have a football team so it’s easy to forge that the university still has D1 athletics. The boys volleyball team has consistently won championships and the boys soccer team hasn’t lost a home game in years. Take advantage of the free student tickets to all home games and go out to support LUC sports whether that be volleyball, soccer, basketball, or any other sport the school has to offer!

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11. Figure out Chicago’s public transportation.

The best way to spend your free time when you’re not doing stuff on campus is in the city, so it’s important to know your way around using the CTA. All full time LUC students get a U-Pass that is valid to use on the train lines as well as the buses; the pass waives the bus/train fee and it is activated for all years you will need it as a student. Figuring out each of the train and bus routes will making exploring down town so much easier for you.

12. Explore the food truck scene.

Although Chicago’s food truck count isn’t as large as some other cities, it still has a wide variety to choose from. Go out on a Friday night and try some Chicago street food whether it be a slice of famous deep dish or a grilled mac n cheese sandwich.

13. Take a class outside your major.

Taking elective classes is a requirement for most students anyways so pick one that sounds interesting to you! If you’re a bio major, but have always wanted to take a film class, do it. College is a time to explore all of your interests and Loyola has such a large selection of courses, it’s probable you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for in a class.

14. Leave your door open.

Leaving your dorm room open for visitors is a great way to get to know people during your first week of school. People will feel free to pop in and say hi, and friendships typically follow. So leave your door open, and if you see an open one, make sure to stick you head in and say hello!


15. Explore Chicago.

LUC students, you are in one of the biggest cities in the country and you paid for a U-Pass with tuition so you might as well use it. Get to know the CTA lines and explore all of the cool and exciting things the city has to offer. From seeing the legendary bean in Millennium Park to visiting the Chicago Cultural Center, there are plenty of free and fun things to discover about the city. (And if things aren’t free, they probably have a student discount!)

Do you have anything to add to this ultimate Loyola University Chicago bucket list? Share what you have to say and comment below!
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