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Ultimate List Of The Best Thrift Stores In Long Beach

Ultimate List Of The Best Thrift Stores In Long Beach

Ultimate List Of The Best Thrift Stores In Long Beach

Thrift store shopping is so much fun when you have a great lineup of different shops to go to. Luckily, Long Beach is home to some INCREDIBLE thrift shops, making your thrifting adventure all that much more exciting.

Here’s an ultimate list of 5 of what I consider to be the best thrift stores in Long Beach!

From the Moon

From the Moon is easily one of my favorite thrift stores of all time. Do not let the sketchy exterior deter you, because as soon as you step into From the Moon, you are sure to walk out with something amazing. The two owners are two of the most down to earth individuals, providing to a great experience every time you visit their little shop. As far as price goes, From the Moon is the perfect balance between having more selective items than your classic Goodwill, making their price point slightly higher, but nothing too crazy. They have such a quirky and random selection of merchandise that just adds to the overall character and fun of visiting From the Moon.


Out of the Closet

Out of the Closet is another quirky option out of the best thrift stores in Long Beach. If you have ever driven down PCH in Long Beach, chances are you have passed this local gem of a thrift store. Here, you are likely to find knickknacks, clothing items, books/DVDs, and so much more that are certainly unique, making it worth the visit. Also, an amazing part of supporting Out of the Closet is that they are fully dedicated to donating proceeds made in their shop to supporting initiatives and studies to end HIV/AIDS. By shopping here, you are not only likely to score some incredible finds, but you also know that you are supporting a wonderful charity.

St. Vinent de Paul

St. Vincent de Paul is definitely worth visiting if you are looking for the ultimate best thrift stores in Long Beach. This space is HUGE, and they have so much merchandise that is surprisingly well organized and maintained. I find that this is a great store if you are looking for furniture, being that they always have quite a few great pieces to choose from! They also have TONS and TONS, of clothing, so you are definitely able to find something great if you are willing to search for it. I would plan a trip to this thrift shop when you know you have a lot of time to kill, being that you could end up sifting through all the different unique items for hours! I love this place, and I’m sure you will too!

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Clark and Atherton Mercantile

Clark and Atherton Mercantile is one of my favorite little “hole in the wall” best thrift stores in Long Beach. When first walking in the doors, you are surrounded by a wide selection of different books, household items, and just any possible knickknack you could possibly imagine. Then, there is a wide selection fo clothing items are you venture more towards the back of the store. One of my favorite parts about visiting this Clark and Atherton Mercantile is that I am never overwhelmed by clutter or too much merchandise, being that it is in such a small space. This being said, there is ALWAYS a new selection of merchandise whenever I come back, regardless of it being a small thrift shop.

La Bomba

La Bomba is home of the most trendy, vintage clothing items. Located along “Retro Row” in Long Beach, it is definitely credited to always having the most high demand clothing items. With this in mind, the price point is definitely much higher than your typical thrift store, but it is clear that you have to do much less hunting than you may have to in other choices. If you are willing to spend a little bit extra cash and are not necessarily in the mood for the typical treasure hunt of a classic thrift store, La Bomba is the ultimate choice for you. Also, they often have major sales, including their Pile Sale, which is exactly what it sounds like… CRAZY markdowns on a MASSIVE pile of clothing behind the shop. La Bomba is definitely worth checking out, and who knows, you could end up scoring big at one of their massive sales!

Now that you have an ultimate list of some of the best thrift stores in Long Beach, it’s time to get thrifting!! Comment down below what you think about this list and if you think there are any great stores that haven’t been included!

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