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The Ultimate Back To School Checklist for Kent Freshmen

First year college jitters? Relax, everyone has them. A lot of new experiences seem to be hitting you all at once. You’re worrying about classes, professors, making friends, and even what to put in your backpack on your first day. Even before those classes start, the biggest life experience of all is actually moving into your new dorm room and beginning the next chapter in your life. This Golden Flash freshman checklist is a helpful guide to prepare for the big move-in day and make college a little less, well jittery. Keep reading for everything you need to do before move-in day!


1. Reach Out to Your Roommates

If you have a roommate, reach out several weeks before you move in to negotiate who is bringing what items, such as a TV. Since most dorms at Kent State provide microwaves and refrigerators, that frees up your to-buy list for much more important things, like decorating! Talk to your roommate about what colors you want the room to be, and check out ideas for college dorm rooms on Pinterest by creating and sharing your boards with each other. It’s a great way to get to know someone better and learn about their likes and dislikes. Don’t forget- your hallmates are all decorating their new rooms too. It’s fun to see the finished product of rooms you didn’t have a hand in decorating, not to mention it’s also a great way to meet your new neighbors!


2. Get Connected

Make sure that during and after your Destination Kent State orientation, you take time to create some contacts on your phone with the numbers for the campus police, the PARTA bus, the help desk for computer and technical concerns, and your advisor. Also, download the apps for KSU Mobile to help you with just about everything from finding your next class to checking on your grades. Also check out Kent’s official Snapchat, become part the Class of 2020 on Facebook, and follow all the Kent State organizations on Twitter.

3. Pack Your Clothes

Who says you can’t take your wardrobe with you? Just remember when you are packing your clothes, pack for the season it is when you move in. Be prepared to bring some clothes for the next season, as it can get chilly in Northeast Ohio during the fall. To help with storing excess belongings, the dorm beds can be lofted to create extra space under your bed. Invest in some stackable organizing bins to store some of next season’s clothing. From there, all you have to do is just slide the containers under your bed and voila! If you happen to live close to home or have time to go home once in a while, just take the clothes you won’t need back home with you from the previous season. It’s important to keep your small (and shared) living space from getting too cluttered and crowded.

4. Hygiene

This is very important! You are going to be living with someone in a tiny space. Be considerate, and maintain proper hygiene by bringing enough deodorant, shampoo, soap, razors, etc. Also, keep your towels in a place where they can dry out, and do your laundry! The last thing you want is to smell bad and spread germs. Hey, you’re in college now, so feel free to take as many showers as you want in the dorms- no one is going to yell at you for that!

5. Laundry

Not so sure about doing your own laundry yet? No problem! There are plenty of washers and dryers on each floor of your dorm building and all instructions to help you figure it out. Remember to bring your own detergent and softener sheets! Make it a habit to do your laundry regularly. This goes along with hygiene.

6. What Food to Bring

When buying food for your dorm, make sure you have a designated food pantry or Tupperware bin to store your snacks. Otherwise, you might end up attracting mice, as well as those cute black squirrels on campus! Many have witnessed a black squirrel or two who made their way into someone’s dorm room, so keep food put away. Each room has a combination microwave and refrigerator and small freezer, so there is ample room to have many types of snacks.

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Extra tip: try to buy healthy snacks for your room. Your meal plan will allow you to buy plenty of junk food already.. and those late night burgers at Rosie’s are always an option.

7. School Supplies

Having more than enough school supplies is important. Trust me, the first day of classes, you will want to be prepared because you will have so many fun, social distractions from all of your new friends that the last thing you need is wondering if you have a pen or pencil in your book bag. So stock up, and get your backpack ready for the first day before you move in with paper, pen and pencils and your laptop.

8. Easiest Unloading Strategies

It’s move in day!! So before you begin unloading your car with all of your insanely organized items for your new dorm room, ask yourself: how is my stuff going to make it from the parking lot to my room? Sure, there are students helping and guiding you and a few flat beds rolling around, but first think about who will be there to personally assist you, like your mom or dad perhaps. Also, have a plan to bring some light moving equipment with you like a “truck” or “dolly”, that will allow you to stack items and then lean it back to be wheeled around effortlessly. Third, try to keep the little items boxed up so things can move quickly. Keep in mind, what you move into your dorm will also be what you have to move out of your dorm. Lastly, if your mom or dad is with you, let them help you…it’s a big day for them too!


9. Welcome Weekend

So now you’re all moved in! Everything in your room is just the way you had imagined it would be, and you sort of know your way around campus at this point. It’s time for some fun! Plan to attend the DKS Welcome Weekend, Thursday, August 25th through Sunday August 28th. This an important event to meet new people, participate in different activities, and get information about the organizations on campus. You’ll also get the chance to get to know your way around campus, too! So, don’t make any other plans during your first weekend as a Golden Flash, take advantage of every offering, and meet as many people as you can!

What else would you add to this freshman checklist? Comment below and share this article with friends!
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Julia Hazel is a junior at Kent State University majoring in broadcast journalism, with a double minor in marketing and public relations. When graduating she hopes to be a news anchor or a news reporter at a Tv station. You can find Julia at the on campus TV station where she has three jobs and is eager to start anchoring the news.

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