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The Ultimate Illinois State Bucket List

The Ultimate Illinois State Bucket List

4 years - that's all we have in college. Before you graduate, there are some things you should try to do. Below is the ultimate Illinois State bucket list.

Four years – that’s all we have in college. Unless you choose to get your master’s or further, four years is the most we will ever get. In those four years, we will experience a lot of different things. And before you graduate, there are some things you should try to check off your list. Below is the ultimate Illinois State bucket list.

1. Get a picture on the “love bench.”

The love bench is probably one of the most common places on campus for people to take pictures. It sits right in between the Bone and the bowling center. Everyone has to take an honorary picture on the bench with their roommates/best friends. And if you are one of the lucky people who get to take a picture with the one you fell in love with, that’s even better.


2. Spend a night at Milner.

I mean most people already do this during finals week as is, but if you don’t want your night to be too stressful, grab a book and head to Milner to enjoy some quiet, alone time. Usually it’s only open until 8 p.m., but stay until then and finish that book you’ve wanted to read, or catch up on some homework. Or if you want to spend all night there during finals week and study, do that too.



3. Study abroad.

I guess that this might not be for everyone, but I, personally, think that everyone should take advantage of this. I mean why wouldn’t you want to spend four months in another country, and also be able to get credits?


4. Watch the sunset/sunrise from the top of Watterson.

I haven’t done this yet, but I still have another year at Watty, and I plan on doing this one. The views from the 28th floor are honestly so amazing. You can see the entire campus and the surrounding area, and watching the sunset or sunrise would be amazing. If you don’t live in Watty, I’m sure you can do this from the top of Hewett/Manchester or Tri-Towers.

watch the sunrise over Watterson!

5. Pet a squirrel or bunny.

There are so many of these adorable little critters running around constantly, and I’m about 90% sure everyone thinks about going up to one and just petting it. You might be walking to class one day and see someone petting a squirrel and think, “what the hell? Why can’t I be that lucky?” I’ve been there too. Just keep trying. One day you will (hopefully) get to be lucky and pet one.

6. Go to a football or basketball game.

These two are definitely the most hyped up sports on campus. Pretty much everyone goes to the football games, and most people go to at least one basketball game. Even if sports aren’t your thing, I still recommend going; bring a group of friends and you will have a lot of fun. Just be aware that most of the people at football games pre-game, so they can get pretty rowdy.

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 7. Attend a concert.

There’s always a concert first semester, and then a smaller one during the second. I highly recommend going to at least one. The concert first semester has some pretty cheap tickets for students, and second semester, it’s completely free; and we usually have some pretty good artists.

8. Graduate.

This is definitely the ultimate bucket list item to check off. As much as we all love ISU and we will be sad to leave, we can’t wait to get our lives started and take everything we learned at ISU and put it to use. We will never forget all the memories we made here.

How many of these have you checked off your Illinois State bucket list?! What else should we add to our list? Share in the comments below!
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