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The Ultimate Guide to WVU’s Party Scene

The Ultimate Guide to WVU’s Party Scene

The Ultimate Guide to WVU's Party Scene

Most students are nervous about going to college; and that’s normal, there is a lot to worry about! Classes, friends, roommates, the campus… chances are that you’ve already got plenty on your mind. It’s also common for students to be curious about what the social scene is going to be like, especially during the weekends. Party atmospheres are different at every school, so you may be wondering: what’s it going to be like at West Virginia University? Look no further – here is the ultimate guide to the WVU party scene.


1. Most of the action takes place on High Street.

This is where most of the frat houses, sorority houses, and bars are located.

There is a large house party and bar scene on campus, so don’t worry if you’re not in a frat or sorority…you’ll still be included.


Local bar favorites include Bent Willies and Chic ‘N Bones.

Many students go to Chic ‘N Bones for Mug Night on Tuesday nights!




2. Football games and tailgates at WVU are always epic.

The stadium fits 40,000+ people.

There are always tons of people before the big games that tailgate, drink, and have a good time. It’s something that you definitely don’t want to pass up.



3. You don’t have to drink.

Most WVU students respect others’ decisions not to partake in drinking.

Some people may look at you funny, but most won’t be rude about it. Choosing not to drink could become annoying (since you still have to deal with a lot of drunk people), especially if you’re downtown in the fall. If you want a more quiet and sober environment, definitely don’t live downtown.


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4. There is an alternative to partying.

At WVU, we have a program called “Up All Night.”

They have many different events (some where you can win money!) such as billiards, bowling, laser tag and mini golf. Everyone is always welcome to come and have fun.




5. Overall, we have a great party scene at WVU.

Explore your options.

Give different things a try and figure out what’s best for you!



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