The Ultimate Guide To UGA Orientation

Congratulations to all new baby Dawgs! This is the first step to your future at UGA, and it’s so exciting! Here is your ultimate guide to UGA orientation.

What To Bring

1. A Parent

We know you are getting ready to leave the nest and go to college, but there is tons of information they need to know and tons of activities for parents to do, that you will hardly see them! Plus, they double as a backup dining hall companion.

2. XL Twin Sheets

The dorm beds where you will be staying come in XL sizes, so either buy a cheap set from Walmart, or buy a pair you can use when you actually live in the dorms!

3. A Rain Jacket

You’d be surprised at how often it rains sporadically in the good ole state of Georgia, specifically the city of Athens! One second sun, next second rain!

4. Shower Shoes

No one wants to contract staff from the community showers (the bathrooms are actually very clean, but let’s be real, going in there barefoot is pretty gross).

5. Toiletries

Don’t forget a towel, toothbrush, shampoo, and conditioner. You will at some point want to shower during your two day orientation.

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6. Bring A Bag

You will get lots of pamphlets, books, bags of goodies and t shirts, and you will not want to carry those around all day long.

What To Wear

1. Bring enough outfits to wear for two days and pajamas for one night.

You are staying with a random roommate in the dorms, so make sure your night wear is appropriate.

2. Dress comfortably for the Georgia sun.

A cute/semi-dressy shirt and a pair of cute shorts should be perfect.

3. Wear comfortable shoes!

I’m talking Chaco’s, Birkenstocks, sandals you can walk in, or tennis shoes. There IS walking.

4. Carry a bag with enough room to store all your goodies.

5. If you have super long hair, bring a rubber band and don’t be afraid to rock a ponytail or a bun.

6. Be aware of pictures on the last day.

Things You Need To Know/Should Do

1. The first day of UGA orientation, you will be paired into a group with an OL (orientation leader).

You will do everything with your group.

2. You will go to tons of mandatory meetings.

They’ll be about health, security and well being (some will involve you and parents, but others will just be new students).

3. Make friends!

These are your peers; you will go to school with them, have classes with them, play silly intramural sports with them, rush with them, and become best friends with some of them (I met one of my best friends during UGA orientation)!

See Also

4. Don’t miss Orientation Live (a bunch of skits put on by orientation leaders).

Parents should come to this too, because it’s super funny, entertaining, and basically the leaders making fools of themselves while also dropping some of their knowledge.

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5. Take the placement tests.

These help a ton if you didn’t exempt pre-cal, because everyone is required to take this class no matter what major, and it’s a major weed out class! So try to take it and see if you can exempt; the worst that can happen is you can’t, and have to take the actual class. Placement tests can only be taken once per subject, but can be taken at any point in your UGA career!

6. Be ready for your picture.

On your last day of UGA orientation, you will get your UGA card made! They will take your picture from the torso up, and it will remain in your possession for as long as you remain at UGA. Make sure you guard this card with your life! It’s your form of identification when taking tests and getting into dining halls and dorms!

7. Be ready to register for classes.

You will meet with an advisor on the last day of UGA orientation, who will guide you in what classes they think you need to take based on your major and previous credits. It’s always nice to check into what you want to take as well, that way the advisor doesn’t lead you astray. I always like to use courseoff, a website to help lay out a schedule so you can picture it by week in a color coated format.

8. Don’t freak out about registering.

If you are first or last to register, it doesn’t matter, because people will drop classes you need on the first day of school! So don’t worry about not getting a class you had your heart set on!

9. Have fun and be safe!

It’s tradition for new Dawgs to go to the fountain, see the arch, and ring the bell; so do all of these things! Be careful if you choose to go downtown, because cops are very present during this time of year, and no one wants to start their freshman year by getting arrested!

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