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The Ultimate Guide to the UF Party Scene

The Ultimate Guide to the UF Party Scene

The UF party scene has tons of chances for fun, whether you're 21 or not. Follow these tips from our ultimate UF party guide for an unforgettable night!

Going out on weekends or weekdays (if you’re lucky) is always a good time. However, sometimes it can be a little difficult to know what to do. At the University of Florida, there are a handful of very important things to know before going out. Keep reading for the ultimate guide to the UF party scene to make sure you are fully prepared for going out!

1. Know where you’re going.

In Gainesville, you have three options when it comes to going out: Midtown, Downtown, or frat parties. If you feel like going to bars, Midtown is definitely the place to be.


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2. Dress for the evening.

Dressing appropriately is key to any evening out. If there is a theme for the party or club you’re attending, dress up. It’s a fun excuse to put on the clothes hiding in the back of your closet. Make sure you know the venue vibe, and don’t overdress.

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3. If you plan to drink, get an Uber.

I know, spending money can physically hurt sometimes, but for your safety (if you plan on drinking), get an Uber. They’re super cheap when getting around the Gainesville area, sometimes even as cheap as $4. Split it with your friends and it’ll come out to $1 well spent.

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4. There is always something going on.

Generally, the clubs are open every night: weekdays are 18+ and weekends are 21+. If you aren’t 21, frat parties are almost always held over the weekends and for any celebratory holidays.


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5. Know the popular places to party in Gainesville.

Basically, the fraternity parties are always popular, along with the infamous bars Balls and Grog House in Midtown. Many people also visit the clubs Downtown, but the choices are very limited with Simons and University Club being the two hotspots there.

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6. Be prepared for anything.

While it’s easy to get caught up in the party atmosphere and the desire to not carry anything but your phone and an ID, it’s always best to keep a small cross-body bag on you at all times. Placing a few dollars in there with your phone, lip gloss, Advil, and anything else may seem a little unnecessary, but you’ll be glad you did it. It’s best to be prepared for anything.

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