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Ultimate Guide To Eating At Stony Brook

Ultimate Guide To Eating At Stony Brook

Besides the endless activities and long-desired freedom, the most essential part of the college experience has to be campus dining and having the freedom to eat however you please. Here at Stony Brook, with seemingly ceaseless choices in cuisine and a dining hall in proximity to every quad, the freshman 15 is deemed inevitable. Whether you’re craving bubble tea and Korean food or a good ol’ fashioned burger, Stony Brook food will be sure to leave you happily sated (and wanting more). Keep reading for the ultimate guide to eating at Stony Brook!

Campus Dining Plans

Before you saddle up to go chow down at any of the dining facilities, it’s important to understand the dining plans that Stony Brook has to offer and how they work.

Meal Swipes

Each student receives a student ID which they can swipe at any of the dining facilities and restaurants on campus. Meal swipes may be used to enter any of the dining halls (West Side Dining, the Stony Brook Union, or Roth Cafeteria).


Dining Dollars

If you run out of meal swipes or grow tired of the food at dining halls, you can utilize your dining dollars, which work somewhat like regular currency. You may utilize them to pay to get into any of the dining halls or to pay at any of the restaurants on campus such as the SAC and Jasmine.

Wolfie Wallet

Although Wolfie Wallet is primarily used for laundry and mailing packages, it may also be used like dining dollars. A campus debit card, it may be used at not only any of the restaurants and dining halls on campus, but select off campus restaurants and fast-food places such as Applebees, McDonald’s, and Burger King.



Dining Halls

Stony Brook’s dining halls are the key destination for all students, whether it is to study in an amazing setting or to grab late night french toast sticks. Each one, different in their own respective ways, has something unique and new to offer depending on your mood.

West Side Dining

A favorite for many students, West Side is the most popular dining hall on campus. Although it is located next to Kelly Quad, due to its large variety of food and late closing time, many students find themselves trooping over here to hang out, study, or for midnight breakfast.



Stony Brook Union

Along with jazz always playing around the food and the latest songs played on TV’s around the hall, the Union serves a condensed version of what you’d find at West, but with daily and always guaranteed pasta, pizza, and bread sticks. With food like the Union’s (and the Carlos & Gabby’s and Starbucks located inside it), it also helps that it’s conveniently located next to the Campus Rec Center and gym so you can go the gym before or after and work off the freshman 15.

Roth Cafeteria

West Side may have the greatest variety of food, but Roth Cafeteria definitely takes the crown in aesthetics. Outlets are located conveniently throughout the hall, and there are comfortable padded chairs and round tables. This makes it super easy to grab food and kick back or study in a warm and cozy setting. Plus, it’s the only dining hall with an ice-cream machine, one of my favorite things about eating at Stony Brook!



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Like many students on campus, you would probably get tired of eating the food at your dining hall and seek refuge from endless french fries and burgers. From jerk chicken to bibimbap, Stony definitely has you covered.


Other On Campus Options


The Student Activities Center is home to much more than meeting rooms and a campus store. The SAC Food Court serves as the safe haven for those tired of the Union, Roth, and West. Boasting all kinds of cuisines from Caribbean and Italian to snack wraps and noodles (all of which change daily) you’re bound to find a new favorite eating at Stony Brook.



Who needs to call take-out when you have Jasmine an Asian Fusion restaurant? Located in the Wang Center, it is home to all different types of Asian cuisines, including but not limited to, Chinese, Korean, and Japanese food with a tea place located conveniently inside it.



Backstreet Burger

Located right outside the Union, the long lines at this food truck aren’t in vain. Make sure you try the buffalo burger or chicken cheese steak sandwich!

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