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Ultimate Guide to Eating Around the Georgia State Campus

Ultimate Guide to Eating Around the Georgia State Campus

One of my favorite parts of going to school in the city is the food. You can always find somewhere new to grab a bite to eat. Below I’ve listed some of my personal favorite spots around campus at Georgia State!

1. Jimmy John’s

So it’s midnight and you’re at the library and you’re starving and you don’t want to go anywhere. This happens to me all the time, especially when a big test is approaching. Luckily there’s a Jimmy John’s right near campus and they deliver delicious sandwiches until 3 am!


2. Mini Choo Choo

Choo Choo’s is everything a college student needs from a takeout restaurant. The food is so cheap but still so delicious. And they’re listed on Uber Eats and Postmates so you can get it delivered to you.


3. Willy’s

Willy’s is really just a better version of Moe’s and just as cheap. It’s right near main campus under the Petit Science Center.


Pro tip: Always go on the first Tuesday of the month – burritos and bowls are just $5 when you show them your Panther ID.

4. Sweet Hut

Sweet Hut is a bit of a drive away from campus, but you can always take Marta or walk if you’re feeling sporty. While they’re mostly known for their bubble teas, Sweet Hut also has some pretty great food! Next time you’re there, make sure to try the tofu fries – they’re to die for!



5. Tacos and Tequilas

Tacos and Tequilas is a little nicer and more expensive, but it can be a great place to grab a bite to eat after a day out with friends at Ponce City Market. It’s right across the street and is the perfect place to enjoy some tacos and a margarita with your friends.



6. Sensational Subs

This is by far the best place to get a sandwich around campus. The best part of going here are the two people who work there. But I promise, their subs really are sensational. They even have ice cream! It’s the perfect place to stop by on your way to Aderhold from main campus!



7. Slice

If you live in the Commons, Piedmont North, or Piedmont Central, this is the place for you. It’s right across the street from on campus housing and super affordable. A slice of pizza is only $2 and you can get great salads for about $5. Plus if you’re involved in an on campus club that wants to do a percentage night, this is a great place to do it!



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8. Anatolia’s Café

Anatolia’s is a great place to hang out with friends and enjoy a bite to eat. They always play the best music and it’s always a fun time to sit and laugh with friends. Keep in mind, however, that this is also a hookah lounge, so be prepared for smoking.



9. Rosa’s Pizza

Rosa’s is the perfect place to grab a quick slice of pizza after a class at Aderhold. It’s cheap, fast, and delicious – what more can a broke college student ask for?

10. Student Center East Courtyard

One of the best places on campus at Georgia State to grab a bite to eat is in student center east. You can get Chinese food, Starbucks, or a burrito bowl while you’re there. My personal favorite is the Chinese food; you can get enough to feed yourself for two meals for only $6!



So make sure you check out some (or all) of these places this fall while you’re wandering around campus, walking to class, or exploring Atlanta.

Where are your favorite places to eat near Georgia State? Feel free to comment below and share the article!
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